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March 1st, 2008, 11:39 PM
From Diamond Select Toys:



DST Dials Up Stargate Atlantis Series 3!

The People's Choice Award-winning Stargate Atlantis is approaching
its fourth season finale just as DST is putting the finishing touches
on the third assortment of action figures based on the sci-fi gem.
Not only will this series see the inclusion of all-new characters,
but it will also include some familiar faces to Stargate SG-1 fans!


Due in stores this fall, the third series will feature Colonel
Samantha Carter in her new Atlantis-style uniform, the fan-favorite
Dr. Jennifer Keller played by Firefly's and Serenity's Jewel Staite
and one of the muscle-bound Wraith Drones. Also included in this
assortment will be an all-new action figure of Lt Colonel John
Sheppard sporting his all-black base attire – perfect for those top
secret "black ops" missions. Last but certainly not least, the no-
nonsense former "runner" Ronon Dex will be released along with this
series as a Previews exclusive available in comic book and specialty
stores nationwide!


Our first series of Stargate Atlantis action figures was released
earlier this year and will be followed by the second series featuring
Dr. Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagen and a Wraith Queen – due in stores on
March 26th. By combining the six different pieces included with
these two waves, fans will be able to create their own figure-sized
Atlantis-style Stargate – a bonus first used for our Stargate SG-1
action figure releases.


Stay tuned for more updates and images of this developing line as the
Stargate Atlantis universe continues to expand!