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March 1st, 2008, 07:14 PM
I am curios, why this fascination with Michael character? I don't find anything interesting about his character and he only made it so far with a lot of help and plot holes.

In 'Michael', even if he kills someone he was left almost unguarded and Teyla is made his contact, even if it was a known fact that she was senstive to telepathic influences, which Wraith have. It is almost as they invite him to escape. Is actually funny because if they would have kept him in a Atlantis force shield cell he would have never be able to escape, but because he actually murder a guard he was transferd to a lower security facility, a tent.

In 'Missbegotten', they also let him almost unguarded, but this time with 200 potential Wraith who can revert anytime and give him a hand, send a telepatic signal, build a ship, hyjack a jumper, take hostages, and other Wraith stuff. And all this after he had the knowledge of the first location of Atlantis and actually bringed a Hive to it and 2 to Earth. Nice. Well apparently the Wraith on the Hive he embarked tried to kill him too, but our briliant scientist, is actually a hybrid-Wraith terminator too and manage to escape tricking 1-2 thousands of Wriath. Of course.

But the funny part is in 'Vengance', when Sheppard has him in weapon sight, when Michael let the stunner down but the colonel got soft and esitate to shoot, a silence is following (even if Michael is now an official serial killer, with another 4 marines killed and few races wiped out and at least a allied one). Not only that but at the end after he took the unconcious Rodney and Teyla in the dart, Sheppard could have scooped Michael as well with the dart and problem solved, but he left, probably was late for dinner or something.

In 'Kindred 1', Daedalus is getting rusty, very Michael convenient.

And in 'Kindred 2', the brave Sheppard team storm Michael main complex ('heavily guarded', Carson's words), with a doctor and 'famous sniper' (Rodney) and no marines back up, at least a team if not more and inacceptable without the Daedalus behind, even if they were aware by now that Michael has a fast ride and he likes to fly it, away. But at least a team of marines would have been enough to stop Michael escape, with one team pimpointed by the enemy, the other could have been searching the complex and prevent Michael from escaping. But probably they thought that Michael would stand still untill Rodney and Carson finish the all the many guards there.

And here we are with no clues about Michael (at least he likes the name, because what is a villan without a cool name?) new direction. I think M is probabaly the luckiest villan ever concived in a television show. Good for him, but still unimpressed by the lack of situation realism. Not to mention that i have no ideea what his plan is and any prospect seem pointless. I mean to create an space bugs army he would need human DNA, a lot and the few milions humans that are probably left in Pegasus are already taking major casualities from the Wraith or our other mistakes (replicators), so his army will eventually rule a dead galaxy. just lame. Well i guess we will see his plan destroy long before that, because otherwise i don't see how M would have the resurces to actually build enough ships to take down at least the Wraith, because they would certanly not fight on the ground if they are in disadvantage. This is the art of being vague and if the writers finish it fast enough, they don't even have to explain the futility of Michael's plan, whatever the plan really is.

And he was also lucky we manage to keep Teyla and her unborn safe until now and deliver her to him, even if she was in few situation in which she or at least the baby came close to a second of dead, like in 'Spoils of War' most recently. I mean this child seem to be the central nexus of his plan and he took a great bet waiting to the last moment to took her. But M is just lucky bug.

March 1st, 2008, 08:11 PM
Yup, those are some of the reasons that I'm baffled by Micheal's popularity. No style, no substance. Maybe it's because the actor is some Star Trek guy or something?

March 1st, 2008, 08:13 PM
I think it's because people can feel sympathy for michael. atlantis brought this on themselves by experimenting on him, but that doesn't excuse him poisoning pegasus. I agree things have been nice and conveniently set up for him though.

March 1st, 2008, 08:46 PM
Like I said in the Wraith Defender's thread, Michael has managed to lose all my sympathy at this point. I felt really sorry for him, even afte what he did to the Taranans in Vengence, however now he's crossed way too many lines and he needs to either die or have his capacity to cause harm significantly reduced.

March 1st, 2008, 09:51 PM
Well yeah, Michael is played by Connor Trinneer who was Trip; that initially got him interested to learning more about the character.

But then, it became clear to me that Michael is a villain that was very much of our making. If we hadn't captured him and tempered with his genes, he'd be just another nobody Wraith out there. But now, because we've betrayed him so many times, he's pretty much gone insane and is ready to strike back in some twisted revenge scheme that's costing hundreds of thousands of lives. We've given him a taste of what it means to be human, and he's mixed that with what it means to be Wraith to come up with the creatures he hope will dominate the Pegasus Galaxy in due time. While we tried to show him how awesome it is to be human, he, unlike so many other archetypes, turned around and went "no, it sucks being human...but you know what? Being Wraith ain't that much better". It's a very unique perspective, what Michael has.

And that's why I like him.

March 1st, 2008, 10:17 PM
I root for Michael because he's been screwed over so many times. I gotta root for the underdog. Hopefully, before Michael dies in some lame shootout at High Noon; he will get some revenge and kill those who are responsible for his current state. It's a shame the real Carson died in Sunday because he would be the perfect candidate. So, maybe, Teyla or Sheppard could be killed in revenge? Doubtful, though. :mckay:

March 18th, 2011, 04:55 AM
I am curios, why this fascination with Michael character? I don't find anything interesting about his character and he only made it so far with a lot of help and plot holes.
But M is just lucky bug.

I had exactly same issues in MICHAEL (tent, teyla susceptible), MISBEGOTTEN (sure, why not make the same mistake over and over again), VENGEANCE (How did he escape the hive, what about the other wraiths which were with him on the planet. What are darts for? Right, beaming up people).

But the most ridiculous thing is how he got his hands on all those resources and how ingenious he is. He most have at least an IQ of 1000. Think about everything he does. Creating those superbugs, creating real hybrids which stay so all the time, has mind control over them, can get the feeding away without creating a disease (see INFECTION) can refine the Hoffan drug, overthrow humans and wraiths! (which even the ancient couldn't do). Clearly this guy is god. Everything he does works out. It's more like they couldn't come up with another villain so everytime they had a story but needed someone to execute it, ah, right, we have this Michael. I was really happy when they finally got rid of Michael. Which is actually a shame. They could have made so much more out of this storyline if they just sticked to reality

February 18th, 2013, 09:12 PM
Yeah, I also had a certain sympathy for him in the beginning, but those feelings are gone now.