View Full Version : What crimes could Wallace have been charged with?

December 11th, 2007, 01:04 PM
For the purposes of the court martial it will probably be beneficial to have a place to discuss Wallace’s crimes. There should be general agreement about the severity of his crimes, legally speaking, so that the officers of the court are not talking apples and oranges during the trial.

Here is a starter list. Correct it, add to it or narrow it down to what is applicable to the trail.

Wallace stole the highest level government secrets. He knows about the stargate, the SGC, and Atlantis.
Is this still espionage even if it was done for his own curiosity. He had to hire people to actually carry out his investigation of the source of the military advancements his company was being asked to develop.

He (what’s a good verb here?) hacked into and decrypted the secure email of a government contractor (Jeanie).
(I think we have to assume that Jeanie’s email was considered secure enough by the SGC for the type of information and the encryption of it.)

Wallace had the nanites as part of his company’s medical research.
The use he made of them was a misuse of his contract?
Nanites are very dangerous. He had no government supervision and, probably, inadequate containment and security for the use of the nanites in this manner.

He injected these experimental nanites into his daughter. His people assured him they were ready.
This treatment has in no way been approved as experimental or otherwise by the FDA(?).
If he causes her premature death, he may be guilty of manslaughter.

In injecting his daughter with the nanites he has provided them with another way of escaping his lab.

Wallace had Jeannie kidnapped from her bedroom by armed assailants.
Jeanie’s husband was assaulted.
The kidnapping took place during what amounted to a home invasion by four heavily armed and masked men.

Wallace had McKay kidnapped.
A government agent was assaulted.

Kidnapping is a felony. That is two counts of felony kidnapping.

The kidnapping took place in Canada.
Jeannie and McKay both were taken by plane, so they, probably, were transported across international boundaries from Canada back into the states.
The crime in the US would be illegal imprisonment or something like that?
Transportation of a kidnapping victim across state lines aggravates the charge (or used to). How would taking a victim across international boards affect the severity of the crime?

Wallace personally injected the known-to-be-dangerous dangerous nanites into Jeannie to keep her and McKay in line. This was premeditated.

Again, possibly, releasing the nanites into the world.

Since we know the nanites will become deadly, Jeannie’s death would be compounded by the fact that it was caused during the felony of kidnapping. That elevates her death to capital, first degree or felony murder, depending on the location, regardless of the intent.

Wallace did all this with premeditation and wonton disregard of the consequences to others.

Wallace admits premeditation when he tells them that he knew he would go to prison,
He was rational enough to expect consequences.

These crimes occurred in different jurisdictions, so they would not have all been heard by the same court.
Espionage is a US federal crime, but, given the extreme secrecy of the information, there would likely be no public trial.