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December 7th, 2007, 08:00 PM
That episodes was freaking AWESOME

:) And i only have to wait a month to find out what happens


I loved the way they did the story, and how they showed the humanity portion of the replicator produced team - very very awesome. Its interesting the Davos' prediction ability ('The Seer') was not limited to the people around him, that he could see various events throughout the galaxy. I'm actually surprised however that they didn't let the 'duplicates' come back. From what we saw, those nanites that were in the 'duplicates' sounds like a perfect starting point for Rodney's medical nanite program, talked about in 'Millers Crossing'. If anything they just would of had to go over the code to make sure it wasn't communicating with the replicators or prone to taking over the body.

McKay was awesome in this episode, especially when the 2 of them were interacting "finally, someone I can trust" lol priceless. I also liked the bonding moment him and zelenka had at the end of the episode; i just wish he would keep it up.

It was also good seeing the asuran ship, and now we know that it has drones. The jumper also provides a good reference for determining the scale of an aurora warship. The fleet size of the asurans is ridiculous though - definatly 50-60+ (not exactly sure, i'll get a better count when I watch it again in half an hour) ships.Loved McKays responce to that one, "Oh crap!" lol. Thats alot of Aurora warships.

Anyways, cant wait for the second half! Season 04 is awesome, and I cant wait to see what they bring us in Season 05. Personally, I can see Atlantis going on aslong as SG-1, with the possibility of going beyond it. I still remember the premeire night of watching 'Rising', ever since then I'm been obsorbed by Atlantis!

Keep up the great work!