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August 14th, 2007, 02:18 PM
EDIT: I just realized I forgot about spoiler warning.

SPOILERS! Also how can I change title?

Also sent this to the editors, tell me what you all think.

Killing off the Asgard was just cruel. I would imagine it has something to do with where the show is going. Now that the replicators have been neutralized it wouldn’t make much sense for those in the Pegasus galaxy to be losing a war against the Wraith when the Asgard could just come and take those hive ships down without a problem (if our ships can put up a fight, lets try not to imagine what the Asgard would be capable of). The Asgard would probably also be too useful against the Asurans (although that would be a spectacle to behold [hell you should regret killing them off just because of that, imagine how cool that would have been to watch, Asgard vs. Asurans]). But let’s get back to the point. Killing off the Asgard was just cruel. They were nothing but an advanced & benevolent race. I felt nothing but sadness when watching their end. Especially considering how basically pointless it was. Their death as a species has pretty much resulted in nothing. It was almost the very definition of a tragic ending which I believe should never have taken place.

Luckily, I have thought of a number of ways you could bring them back.

-The Asgard we saw on the Earth ship were nothing but clones who had been programmed to act in such a way, the real Asgard minds are currently stored in the Asgard core. For some reason they didn’t tell us this. But we eventually figure this out, and you show us the timeline thousands of years in the future when we figure out the solution to their genetic problem and upload their minds into healthy clones.

-The ancients helped them all ascend right before death.

- The Asgard merely wanted to appear that they had killed themselves. That entire spectacle was nothing more than an act so that the Ori would think they were dead. In fact all they did was travel to a different dimension in order to have time to solve their genetic problem free of outside worries and interference. Eventually they return back to our dimension and in perfect health.

- Again, they faked their death and are now with the Nox in hiding while trying to come up with a solution to their genetic problem. By the way, a scenario involving the Nox could and should be used to bring back the Tollans as well.

So there you have it, some very simple excuses to bring the Asgard back, which I’m sure the vast majority of SG fans would like to see. Considering how great of a race they were, it was again truly tragic to see them go in such a way. With regard to the Stargate series, nothing would make me happier than to see their return.

Ripple in Space
August 14th, 2007, 02:52 PM
I'm not even going to touch the vast majority of that post, but as for the Asgard being able to clean-up Pegasus....

Well it is true that in the end the Asgard were technically more advanced than the best we've seen of the Wraith (easily centuries ahead). But it is also true that the Asgard were still primitive in comparison to the Lanteans in most every way.

If the Asgard devoted their full resources into taking down the Wraith, then they could've put up a good fight, but it is murky as to who would come out the victor.

IMO, 2 UPGRADED O'Neill's with a BC-304 aiding them could handily take down a 1 Hiveship Armada (1 Hive, 2 Cruisers, Several Hundred Darts) with little to no losses. The O'Neills outmatch the Wraith Hives/Cruisers both Offensively and Defensively, and with the combine Asgard/Tau'ri firepower could eliminate all 3 within a minute, 2 max. And Asgard Transporters, and Tau'ri Railguns could clean-up the darts within maybe 10 minutes.

The problem is, say the Asgard get in over their heads in a battle, and lose a couple dozen people, and a few Warships, that's a big deal for them. Since their population growth is stagnant, that means there will be that many less Asgard for the rest of time.

Even more importantly (in a war mindset), the Asgard don't seem to be able to build ships especially quickly (probably because the bulk of their resources go towards rebuilding their empire). Based on the Lantean War, the Wraith don't have either problem, they can both multiply and build extremely quickly.

So at some point, even if the Asgard to Wraith kill ratio is 1000:1, the Asgard will feel that single loss infinitely more than the Wraith will feel their 1000. The Lanteans had the same problem, and they were able to reproduce.

All of that aside, I doubt the Asgard would want to commit genocide, when talking about a sentient organic race like the Wraith, and wiping them out would be the only way to stop them.

As for the Asuran threat, the Asgard are completely outmatched technologically. It would take a fleet of upgraded O'Neills & BC-304s to even put up a conventional fight against a new/fully powered Aurora or CityShip. And even the fleet would be the underdog.

It's also pretty clear that PWARWs won't penetrate Asuran shields, unless the Asgard PWARW is more powerful than the Dakara Device (which it certainly isn't).

NOTE1: The Dakara Device couldn't penetrate Ancient shields.
NOTE2: The only reason the Wraith don't multiply into overwhelming numbers right now is because there are too many of them as it is, and not enough food. Not to mention the fact that they don't see anyone as much of a threat.

August 20th, 2007, 03:15 AM
NOTE1: The Dakara Device couldn't penetrate Ancient shields.
NOTE2: The only reason the Wraith don't multiply into overwhelming numbers right now is because there are too many of them as it is, and not enough food. Not to mention the fact that they don't see anyone as much of a threat.

Where did you get this idea that the Dakara device couldn't penetrate Ancient shields? The Dakara Device was only used in two episode and neither featured Ancient shields (possibly Ancient-enhanced Goa`uld shields on Anubis' ships in 'Reckoning, Part Two')

Personally, I`d say the Wraith see Atlantis as a threat, considering they sent 15 Hive Ships to Lantea in Siege 1-3 and infected Daedalus with a virus so they could get their hands on our tech, and followed us to many planets while Teyla's necklace thing was working.
They may see us as a way to a new food source more than they see us as a threat, but i`d say they definitely see us as a threat to be contended with.

August 26th, 2007, 10:55 AM
Who says the Asgard are dead?