View Full Version : USA Weekend: Michael Shanks talks family, movies and the future

July 8th, 2007, 11:13 AM
July 7 2007

Is "Stargate SG-1" over for good? Is a movie planned?
Jenny Garland, Cochranton, Pa.

It's over, but two DVD movies are coming. "Stargate's" Michael Shanks tells me that the cast made the movies back to back, so they eased into ending the show. Life has changed for Shanks since he started "Stargate" 10 years ago. "I was 26. I was single," he says. "I now have three children. My wife and I are struggling to find balance." The actor met his wife, Lexa Doig, when both acted on the series "Andromeda." The family lives in Vancouver. Shanks used to leap at offers to shoot movies around the world, but now, his first question is, "That shoots where?"


The actual article contains a photo of Michael SHanks; came out with this weekend's Sat/Sun papers.