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June 28th, 2007, 04:01 PM
Just a fanfic I thought up about... Well, you'll figure it out.

((Part 1))

Okay... This is new.

Slowly, very slowly, he opened his eyes. Bright light assaulted his retnas, momentarily blinding him. But of course, he wasn't really blinded, was he?

No... Blinding requires a light source. A mechanical thing, something from Earth... But I'm not on Earth. Am I?

Shading his eyes from the piercing light, he squinted into the distance. But nothing but more white, a seemingly endless floor of nothing, stretched into the horizon. But that wasn't right. He couldn't be standing on nothing.

"Who says its nothing?" asked a female voice from behind him.

Spinning, he turned to confront the speaker. But no one was there. He waved a hand in front of him, noticing the perfect, unwarped arm.

What...? How is it not—

"How is it not what? Half-dead from radiation poisoning? Come now, surely you understand," the female voice answered for him, again speaking from nowhere.

Now he was getting frustrated. He kept looking for someone, but no matter which way he looked, his eyes failed him.

"Finish this for me: How deep is the river if you cannot see the...?"

"Bottom..." he answered slowly, beginning to understand, "The answer is 'bottom'."

Oma Desala smiled. "Indeed. I see you're getting used to death."

His heart pounded suddenly. "Death? But I thought you—"

"I did," Oma replied, laughing lightly, "It's a joke we sometimes play on the newly ascended."

Daniel Jackson frowned. "That's not very kind of you."

"Perhaps not, but we get so little fun... tell me, Daniel, how do you feel?"

Once more, he examined his arm for boils. But it seemed the horrible disfigurement his exposure to the Kellownan radiation had caused was gone. Not even a scar remained... So it had not been surgery of any kind.

"You healed me?" he asked.

The ascended woman—she was a woman, right?—nodded. "Yes. We have powers... far beyond anything you've ever seen. In time, you, too, will learn to harness that power."

"But I can never go back, can I?"

"You can," Oma replied, her face darkening, "But you would lose all the knowledge and abilities you gain here. You would be nothing more than an average human again, unable to change the course of the wars raging below."

Daniel's eyes widened. "But I can do it from here, can't I?"

"No! You can never interfere with the Lowers!" The answer was sharp and fast.

"But you've interfered, Oma. You ascended me."

"I can do what I do only because I pay a terrible price for it..."

"What?" Daniel asked. Oma opened her mouth to reply, but then another being seemed to flash into existence beside them. He was a rather rotund gentlement, dressed in a business suit.

The man grinned, tilting his hat. "Hey!" he said in a thick New York accent, "Don't forget Oma, we have that thing."

Not taking her eyes, which had suddenly grown clouded and cold, off the newly arrived man, she nodded. "Of course... Daniel... I must take my leave. Please, feel free to explore the higher planes. I'll see you soon."

And with that, they both vanished. Leaving Daniel Jackson once more alone in the bright, harsh light...

(More to follow sometime)

June 28th, 2007, 05:39 PM
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June 29th, 2007, 12:11 PM
Depressed though I am that no one seems to like this (haha), I'll continue:

((Part 2))

Daniel turned around, hoping that Oma's arrival had changed his surroundings somewhat. But once more, he was disappointed. The landscape was still a bleak, white field of nothingness that just seemed to stretch into eternity. How anyone stood it, he had no idea.

Well this sucks... he thought to himself, I wonder what the others are doing...

Then, there he was. Back in the SGC, staring into a control room filled with Air Force technicians. Surprised, Daniel glanced down at himself, half-expecting to see him back in his mission uniform. Instead, he just saw a plain white sweater and beige khakis. What was going on?

"Major? Any progress?" General Hammond was saying as Daniel got his bearings.

Sam was sitting in front of a diagnostic screen. Instinctively, Daniel reached for his glasses in order to see better, then realized he did not need them. Apparently, ascension had cured that, too.

Even more remarkable, though, was that he knew what was wrong before Sam even said it. The problem seemed to pop into his mind just as she replied, "No, sir. The gate's still storing away energy in its capacitors. Whoever's doing this is good, sir."

The general nodded solemnly. "I see. The President wants to know how bad this could get."

It could wipe the entire state off the map... Daniel said. Then he blinked. He hadn't said anything. He'd opened his mouth, but nothing audible came out.

"It could wipe the entire state off the map, sir," Carter replied, "If we can't find a way out of this..."

"I know. It could be the end of everything..."

Sam looked grim. "The dust kicked up by the explosion could conceivably wipe out the entire planet's ecosystem, sir. We're talking about a possible exinction-level event."

I could stop this, right? I have powers now. Grinning, Daniel looked at the gate, raised a palm and thought, Shut down.

Nothing happened.

Then he heard Oma's voice in his head. I said no interfering, she snapped, Try that again and I'll do more than just stop you.

That's not fair. They're going to die!

If they do, it's their mistake to make. There's a way out of this, but they'll only find it if they're meant to. Now, stop.

Suddenly, the SGC vanished. Looking around, Daniel realized the he was back in that white nothing. The... higher planes, Oma had called it. But what were they? There had to be more than just endless nothing, right? After all, Oma and that other ascended being had disappeared to somewhere.

So Daniel decided to try and reach out. He pictured Oma Desala in his mind, wondered where she was... And vanished.

(more to come)

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July 7th, 2007, 11:11 AM
Keep it coming.

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Wow this is almost as good as your avalon stuff. Keep them both coming.

December 31st, 2007, 11:39 AM
((Part 3))

"I don't understand!" Daniel shouted to the endless whiteness. There was no echo, no reverberation at all. As far as he knew, sound should always be able to echo, at least a bit, because there should always be something there for it to reflect off of, right?

Behind him, Daniel heard a slight cough. He turned, half expecting to find Oma, but instead saw a different woman. She looked serene, completely at peace, and her smile was enough to take the pressure off his tired mind. "Another Ancient?" he asked, curious.

"You're Oma's prodigy, aren't you?" the woman replied, ignoring his querry, "The one called 'Daniel Jackson'?"

"Prodigy? I'd hardly call myself a..." he began, but then stopped. In a way, he was Oma Desala's student; he had followed her advice, he had tried his hardest to emulate her, he had even given up a chance at living to join her kind. But what had it earned him?

The other woman cocked her head at Daniel then, her smile fading. "You are unhappy here. The rules... you disagree with the Others," she said slowly, as if reading the truths from his mind, "You regret your decision to ascend."

"No, no, not that... I just..." he searched for the right words. "You know what's happening on Earth, don't you?"

"The people of your world are in grave danger, yes. The Goa'uld called 'Anubis' is attempting to wipe them from existence as a means to regain his status in the System Lords," she said at length.

"And if you know that," asked Daniel, "why don't you people do something to stop it?"

She shook her head sadly. "I cannot. You cannot. If we interfere, we are no better than the very Ones we tried to destroy."

That stopped Daniel cold. He had never heard of another group of beings connected to the Ancients save those in the ancient alliance, after all. Who else would have had the power to actually resist them? "The Ones?" he asked, "Who are they?"

"You are not ready, Daniel Jackson, not yet."

But he pressed anyway, shouting, "I have to watch as the only family I've ever known come closer and closer to death, knowing I have the power to save them! Don't tell me I'm not ready to hear your dirty little secrets when you're prepared to let good people die!"

"There is more at work here than you know, forces that have been at odds since before your kind learned what it meant to be alive," the woman said sternly. At first, Daniel wanted to hit her, to show her the pain he felt inside, but then he noticed it; the tears in her eyes, the aura of despair she radiated. This woman, this ascended being, felt the same desperation he did, but could not lift a finger to help.

"You're like Oma..." he realized at last, "You've tried to interfere too, haven't you?"

"I've already said too much, I must take my leave," the woman said, turning her back on him. At once, her body began to glow with a light that seemed even brighter than even the unending white around her. But Daniel reached out a hand, grasped her shoulder.

"I don't even know your name," he said, "Can I at least have that?"

The woman paused. Slowly, she turned her head, tears still in her eyes, and replied, "Ganos Lal. I will see you soon, Daniel Jackson."

And with that, she vanished.

January 1st, 2008, 01:28 PM
((Part 4))

Daniel reached out a hand, waving at the air Ganos Lal had been standing in a moment before. But wait—not air, there was no air here, there wasn't matter period.

As soon as he considered that, he was gripped by a sense of panic. If there was no air, how was he breathing? Did he even have to breathe anymore? Did he have to eat? Drink? Urinate? It was all too much to comprehend at once. Clutching at his throbbing head, he sat down—on what? Certainly not a floor or any surface he knew of—and wished that Samantha Carter where here to help him work through this.

And then, as before, the world around him dissolved. The overwhelming brightness faded back to the dull artificial lighting of the control room at Stargate Command. For the first time, Daniel realized just how dim these man-made light sources were, especially compared to whatever it was that lit the ascended realm; whatever that was made even a star look pale and weak.

Suddenly, the lights flickered and died, the only glow at all now coming from the stargate. Without hearing it, Daniel knew what was wrong; the Goa'uld Anubis had dialed in and was trying to overload the gate, hoping to cause it to explode. The SGC had just tried to send a prototype starfighter to Abydos to call the Asgard, but its hyperdrive was unstable and the attempt failed. For a moment, he thought about the revelation, and realized that it was the ascension doing it. Now that he was one of them, information could apparently be willed to you.

"We're experiencing a widespread loss of power, sir," the gate technician—Walter Harriman—was saying as Daniel looked on. General Hammond stood just a few inches away, breathing heavily. He was scared, that was clear, but he was trying to hide it so his subordinates would not also feel the terror he did. Once more, Daniel was reminded just how strong a man the base commander was, and he regretted not being able to help him now.

Through the window, Daniel saw Carter and O'Neill rush into the gate room, running up to the irised-stargate, where a hologram was just coming into focus.

I need a better view... he thought dimly, and found himself instantly alongside Jack and Sam. Blinking a few times in surprise, Daniel realized how sensitive his newfound abilities were; he would have to work on controlling them and not overdoing it.

At last, the hologram stabilized, and the image of a cloaked figure stood towering over everyone else. Immediately, Daniel knew who this was: Anubis. But that seemed to be all he could glean, for no matter how hard he tried, no information about the vile being would come to him. Apparently, the Others were restricting how much he could learn at a time... that or Anubis himself was blocking it somehow. But how could a mere Goa'uld stop him, one of the ascended?

After a moments' pause, no doubt for dramatic emphasis, the figure spoke, revealing himself to those not blessed with supernatual abilities, "I am Anubis."

Carter and O'Neill exchanged worried galances. They both knew that Earth couldn't hope to fend off an assault from a System Lord, not without an obscene amount of luck. But Anubis wasn't done yet, and he continued, "Humans of the Tau'ri, your end of days finally approaches. There will be no mercy."

"Oh, come on..." muttered Jack, half to himself, "Who talks like that...?"

But Daniel's mind was already working, thinking up how this was possible; holograms this sophisticated were Asgard, how could a Goa'uld have developed such things on his own, especially one that had been missing for thousands of years? The answer came quickly, filling in gaps... Anubis had captured Thor and proped his mind, stealing what advancements he could and putting them into use at once.

Reaching the same conclusion, Carter whispered, "Sir, this is Asgard technology. He must have downloaded it from Thor."

"You will bow to my awesome power," added Anubis, unnerved by the presenve of Earth's two greatest defenders, "There is nothing that can stop the destruction I bring upon you." Daniel could almost imagine the alien grinning when he finished, "Prepare to meet your doom."

"Not if I can help it, they won't," Daniel muttered. And then something terrifying happened, something that made his eyes widen in disbelief. As he spoke, Anubis' holographic head turned, ever so slightly, to look directly at him. He could almost feel it in his bones, the sudden chill that crept over him, that he had been spotted. But how? He wasn't even on the same plane of existence.

Steeling himself, Daniel stared back, and said, "I will find a way to stop you..." And with that, he left Earth and Stargate Command behind, dissolving the world back to the higher planes; he had work to do.

January 2nd, 2008, 03:20 PM
I like the story, great work

January 2nd, 2008, 04:41 PM
gavo2o: Thank you :daniel:

And here's a quick part.

((Part 5))

As he stepped back into the endless sea of nothing, Daniel's mind began working. How could he possibly help his teammates without breaking the rules of the ascended realm? Surely there was a way; Oma Desala did it regularly, did she not?

But maybe it's the way she does it... he thought absently, Oma hasn't directly interfered yet, it's always some riddle or dropped hint with her. But then he realized that she had, in fact, stepped in by ascending him. But why is that okay when saving Earth isn't? he asked himself.

There was too much he didn't know yet. For example, where were all the other ascended? There had to be more to this plane of existence than wherever he was, that was obvious. Oma and Ganos Lal had both went somehwere after speaking with him, he just needed to figure out where.

"Alright..." he said to himself, closing his eyes. He pictured Oma Desala in his mind and asked himself where she was... but nothing happened. He wasn't sent to some new place, he just remained where he was, still alone on this empty wasteland.

He blinked a few times, confused. "What?" he muttered, frowning, "That should've worked..."

But there was no time to dwell; he had to have more information, and he needed it now. Closing his eyes again, he now focused on the other Ancient—well, supposed Ancient—he had met, the woman called Ganos Lal. He held an image of her in his mind, picturing her exactly as she had been before she vanished, and thought Where are you?

And this time, he dissapeared, too.

-- * --

"Who are you?"

As soon as he arrived at his new destination, wherever it was, Daniel was grabbed by rough hands. He was surrounded by people, all of whom were going about their business in a structure that was clearly Ancient by design; the walls and computer terminals all reflected typical Ancient motifs and architechture.

Dozens of people, all wearing white and tan uniforms of some kind he had never seen, crowded around. Each wore a pair of inquisitive eyes all demanding the same question asked of him, all wondering who this newcomer was. But Daniel had no answer; he was still stunned from arriving.

"Daniel?" came a familiar voice from beyond the sea of people. A moment later, Ganos Lal emerged from the throng, coming to his rescue.

But the human was still so confused. "Where am I?" he shouted, trying to avoid more hands as they reached out to grab him.

The Ancient's eyes met his, and she answered simply, "Atlantis."

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I'm intrigued, continue on.

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Wow! I love this story, please keep it coming! nothing but praise for this story.

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Sorry for the delay, I'll have the next chapter of this story up soon!

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This story is good! Me want next chapta! :D

I agree, I like this story a lot

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((Part 6))

"Atlantis?" Daniel cried over the throng of people around him, "As in the lost city?"

Ganos Lal stepped forward, motioning for the others to move aside. And, amazingly, they did. As soon as the woman made it clear that she wanted to speak with the human personally, everyone nearby backed off at once. Daniel stored that information away for later reference; this woman clearly had power, or at least influence here. Having her on his side could be useful.

Seeing that he and the Ancient were now standing quite alone in the center of the chamber, Daniel realized that this was the time to get some solid answers. "Atlantis?" he asked again, looking around, "On Earth, that was an ancient Greek city that vanished thousands of years ago."

At the mention of Earth, the others in the area began whispering amongst themselves. At least one muttered something barely audible about "letting one of their kind" into the higher planes.

But Ganos Lal hushed the crowd, frowing in dissatisfaction. Glancing at one of the closest, she said, "You should know by now what the humans of Earth are capable of. Have we not watched them, time and again, overcome obstacles that no other race would have managed?" She whirled on another, then, her voice growing louder, "Have we not witnessed them do things that even we thought impossible? Where we failed the ancient alliance, they have succeeded; where we could not, would not, help the noble Asgard, they fought alongside them. Surely you have seen this?"

"They are still only human," said one of the others in a quiet voice, "You would do well to remember that."

"And are we not merely human?" Ganos Lal—no, Daniel was getting it now, Morgan La Fey—questioned. Her eyes glowed with a firey passion, and for a moment, he was reminded of Samantha Carter in the heat of the moment. But the Ancient was far from done, and she added, "Were we not once like them, struggling to understand our existence? Look at their world, the very one we once called home. They seek to be everything we were, to find every answer, to unwravel every mystery, to discover what it means to—"

A stern voice suddenly sounded from the crowd, old and terse. "Enough!" it shouted, and Morgan froze. "You have said quite enough, Ganos Lal. Be silent."

At once, the crowd of beings began to disperse, all with bowed heads and shuffled feet. Although he scanned the room for whomever had spoke out against Morgan, ther person remained anonymous; they had either left immediately or was refusing to meet his gaze. But still, Morgan herself remained where she was, her face red from the speech.

"Thank you," Daniel said quietly, after most everyone else had left, "You didn't have to defend me like that."

The Ancient smiled kindly, then sighed. "Yes, I did. I've watched you for some time now, Daniel Jackson, you and your friends. Oma Desala was quite interested in you, and after a time... I have seen why."

"What do you mean?" he replied, "You mentioned that my people were like yours, what did you mean by it?"

"What? Did you assume the Lante—" she began, halting at the last word, "the Ancients were simply born with all the knowledge we came to acquire? At one time, we were as young as your people are now, trying to explain the things around us with untested theories and brave new science."

Daniel could not help but smile at that. "So the great and powerful Ancients were once has backwards as Earth? What I'd give to watch it all unfold for you..."

At that, Morgan's smile widened. She motioned for him to follow her, and began ascending the staircase just behind her. "Come," she told him, "and maybe you can."

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Wow. Wonderful story. keep them coming.

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This story is absolutely amazing and fantastic!
How you come up with this stuff, is beyond me...unless...you are
a MGM script writer in secret! :P

On a serious note though, it is marvelous work...please continue and
don't leave us all hanging in utter suspence!

:daniel: Daniel_Shanks :daniel:

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Wow. Wonderful story. keep them coming.

This story is absolutely amazing and fantastic!
How you come up with this stuff, is beyond me...unless...you are
a MGM script writer in secret! :P

On a serious note though, it is marvelous work...please continue and
don't leave us all hanging in utter suspence!

:daniel: Daniel_Shanks :daniel:

Thank you, that means alot to me.

I'll have more posted soon.

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Hurry it up! this story is GENIUS I SAY! GENUIS!!!!!!!!!!:)

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Congratulations!. These stories are great and well written and that’s something I feel it’s been missing in the stargate universe. It would have been nice to see, at some point, parallel story- arcs in both SG1 and SGA telling us the dilemma of non-interference rule the ancients got themselves into when our heroes were helpless against powerful foes and their defeat was imminent. The ascended plane arc would,ve been a complement to the show to replace many filler episodes (also call stand-alone esp).

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((Part 7))

After several minutes of navigating the many hallways of the Ancient city, Morgan palmed open the door to a small chamber in an area laregly devoid of other people. She gestured for Daniel to follow her inside, and sealed the doorway behind her.

"This is the virtual database on the real Atlantis in your plane of existence; here, it acts as a place of all the stored knowledge we Ascended have gathered," she explained, stepping onto a small dias and placing her hands on a terminal. At once, a holographic display appeared, flashing through a thousand different images at once. Daniel was tempted to believe he saw flashes of himself and others SG-1 had encountered, but he quickly dispelled the idea. Impossible.

As he watched, the images began to slow down, and he could make things out; Goa'uld fleets clashing in massive battles over unfamiliar worlds, lone men and women flashing into light, a city resting on the ocean floor...

"What is all this?" Daniel asked, unsure of some of the things he saw. He tried to understand what a few of these visions meant, but failed. There was too much he didn't know yet, about both the Ancients and his own galaxy.

Morgan lifted her hands, and the rush of images froze. Lingering in the air was something truly extraordinary; a stargate a dozen times the size of any ship Daniel had ever seen. It hovered in the voud of space, almost as if waiting for someone.

"This," she explained slowly, "Was our last creation before we were wiped from existence. A "super" stargate, capable of sending entire armadas clear across the galaxy in seconds..." There was a twinge of regret in her voice as she added, "Had we constructed it a month sooner, it would have turned the tide in our war with the Wraith..."

"I'm sorry, the who?"

The Ancient turned to him, frowning. "You do not know? Surely Oma explained this to you?"


"Ten-thousand years ago, we found ourselves attacked by a race called the Wraith. It had only been a decade after our arrival in Pegasus—"

Daniel's head began to hurt again. "Pegasus?" he asked.

"A small galaxy that rests alongside yours. It is where we fled with Atlantis following—"

"Isn't this Atlantis?"

"This is merely a representation of our plan of existence," Morgan explained, "Really, it can be anything... but we loved our home." She waved an arm, and suddenly the room around them became Daniel's office back on Earth, complete with dusty books and long-lost artifacts.

He was amazed. "You can do that at will?"

"So can you."

And that was when all Hell broke loose for them.

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I am led to believe that Daniel considers himself in heaven know! Keep it coming, they should turn this into a mini stry to draw interest in the movies, maybe make this the third movie, it is certainly worthy enough.

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Where the next one? Come on! :P

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Lol... No Worries mate :) As long as you keep them coming ;)
Also, where did you get your avatar from? I couldnt find it when I searched!

Keep the masterpieces rolling :P

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Shanks, where did you get yor sig from? looks really cool.

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I found it on the net, then I added the ancient writing.
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Can't remember where I got it from exactly :S
I've searched around with no luck unfortunatley...

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I think s09119 is kinda buisy with his SG-1 continuation.

Haha, you'd be right. Sorry, I guess I got a little sidetracked with that...

((Part 8))

It was only a few seconds, but it seemed to stretch on into hours. The entire city shook with the ferocity of an earthquake, shattering the delicate glass windows and tossing pieces of equiptment to and fro. Even as Daniel hung to the wall for dear life, though, he caught a glimpse of the gate room below and breathed in, shocked; people continued to move about as if nothing was going on, not being the least bit shaken by the violent lurch of the city.

That was when Morgan grabbed his hand and shouted over the din, "Concentrate, Daniel! You can manipulate this place, remember?" And then again, "Just concentrate!"

And concentrate he did. Squeezing his eyes shut as hard as he thought possible, Daniel summoned the image in his mind; this city—Atlantis—stable and safe... not shaking as if it wanted him hurled from the planet... stable... And at long last, he found himself slowing down. The floor no longer rattled beneath him, and his shoes could again find purchase on the glossy surface. The shattered glass outside fluttered back to their window panes and slitted into place alongside computer banks also shifting into their places once more.

A steady hand on Daniel's shoulder—no doubt Morgan's—slowly turned him around, and the weary Doctor felt a shiver run down his spine. The Ancient before him was speaking, he could tell that much by the motion of her lips, but he couldn't seem to make anything out. Everything was becoming cloudier and cloudier, dimmer even, until at last it all went dark.


Jackson sat bolt upright in his bed... wait. Not his bed. He was resting on a cot somewhere, but this certainly wasn't Stargate Command. As his eyes adjusted to the harsh light of examination lamps, Daniel gradual came to remember where we saw; the ascended plane, in a place Morgan had called "Atlantis." He must be in what passed for an infirmary here, but he was the only person lying on a bed, as if no one else had been injured. Hell, he couldn't even see a doctor.

The voice called at him again, this time calmer. "Daniel? Are you alright?"

Glancing over at the concerned features of Morgan La Fey, he nodded. Daniel swung his legs over the side of the bed and put his hands to his temples, rubbing gently to abate his throbbing head. "What happened?" he asked, "Why did the city start to shake like that?"

Morgan's face turned dark, and she looked away, out the window. almost at once, a pall of gloom seemed to settle over her, and a sense of melancholy pervaded her voice, "It has been happening for months now, ever since we allowed him to return."

"Who's 'him'?"

Outside, the roar of the ocean against metal sounded, a soothing melody. "Long, long ago, we watched the Goa'uld rise to prominence in the galaxy," Morgan began slowly, "We watched them learn how to operate the stargate via the reptillian bipeds you know as Unas. Some advocated destruction of the network to prevent their spread, but we learned long ago that it is better to simply let events in the mortal plane play out as they will."

"What do you mean?" Jackson asked, frowning, "Are you saying you could have prevented the Goa'uld from ever getting off their homeworld?"

As if sensing the accusation in his voice, Morgan turned to him, hurt. "You do not know of everything let, Daniel Jackson. You did not have to watch the horrible, twisted things that led us here. You did not have to flee your own homes to survive." Tears came to her eyes, and for a moment, Daniel wondered if the Ancients had ever truly been in such a dire circumstance. But then the moment passed; no, this was just another facade, like all of Oma's lines about candlelight and cooking meals.

But she continued regardless of his thoughts, adding, "One in particular found Kheb, the sanctuary your mentor Oma Desala created to assist others in ascension. He learned from her, watched her, and analyzed how she thought, how she lived her life. It did not take long for him to realize that Oma's hopes for the mortal realm could be her undoing, that a well-rehearsed lie could fool even her. And he did it."

"Did what?" Daniel was confused. What did Oma Desala have to do with the city's instability? It didn't seem to add up.

"One day, he convinced her to ascend him. He had spent months proving his innocence, his truth in spirit, but it was all a lie. As soon as she had done it, she realized what a terrible mistake she had made, and desperately tried to undo it." One could almost hear the agony in Morgan's voice as she related the tale, as if she had watched it herself—and perhaps she had. "Before we knew what was happening, the stargate you saw upon your arrival here activated. It had been so long since another arrived, we did not think of it... we did not raise the shield. He stepped through unfettered, and ever since that day, there has been war."

Daniel frowned again. "Who is this guy you keep mentioning? Is he assaulting the city somehow?"

"You already know him, Daniel Jackson. Just as he strikes at us, he is attempting to the same far, far below.'

And that's when it fell into place. The rogue Goa'uld that mysteriously disappeared, only to return with seemingly endless knowledge... there could only be one, and even as Daniel mouted the word, the city began to shake once more.

"Yes," Morgan answered sadly, gazing out at the suddenly-violent seas, "Anubis."

Crazy Tom
March 5th, 2008, 05:06 PM
Man, he was a good villain.

March 11th, 2008, 12:39 PM
Great!!! I want more :D

will you somehow deal with the ascended Ori?

March 29th, 2008, 01:14 AM
I know I'm very annyoing:) , but when will you post next part?

Wraith Babe
April 25th, 2008, 04:27 AM
OMG. I totally LOVE Morgan/Ganos in this fic and of course Danny :D Please continue this, you portray Morgan in such a different and refreshing way...please don't make me beg, I'll cry if you want me/need me to :D