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May 14th, 2007, 10:57 PM
John Sloane was flying low over the city, aboard a civilian helicopter. He looked down and saw a silver object gleaming in the sun. He knew straight away that it was a spaceship. The spaceship was definitely Viking. Next to John Sloane sat Colonel OíNeill, Colonel OíNeill made a comment on the size of the Viking spaceship it was a Viking raider fully armed. They did not circle the position but flew on towards the UN headquarters in Baghdad.

Samantha Carter sat in the UN building in Baghdad with Jonas Quinn and Tealíc, whilst Daniel Jackson briefed the teams on what to look for when conducting inexpections. Daniel was briefing everyone to look for signs of cover stones in the desert; he believed this would lead the teams to discovering Stargates hidden in the desert, there were eight teams that would be leaving that afternoon to the northern perimeter of Iraq.

The helicopter landed outside the UN building and John Sloane and Colonel OíNeill disembarked. Once inside the building they ran into Tealíc who was having an orange juice. They quickly found Samantha and the others. Jonas was their resident guru on the Vikings appointed by Thor the Asgard. John Sloane quickly briefed the assault team on the area surrounding the Viking spaceship. They got the green light from General Hammond and they were quickly on their way. The teams coiled their fast ropes up inside the jet black, Blackhawk helicopters. SG1 including their newest edition John Sloane rode in the lead helicopter all dressed in black. Over the disembarkation point Colonel OíNeill noted several Vikings fleeing towards the silver Spaceship. The Assault teams roped down quickly and rushed the Viking positions each team member carried their latest weapon Vulcan stun weapons that also had a kill setting, but the teams had strict orders only to fire on stun. These orders were directed by the president himself George Bush.

One of the Vikings Started up the Silver puddle jumper the favorite small ship of the Vikings. Three of the Vikings rushed forward and fired their weapons at the assaulting SG teams. However the Asgard were ready with their beam up technology and saved the lives of several SG team members by beaming them up just before they were struck by the Vikings accurate fire. The remaining Vikings fled onto the awaiting puddle jumper. Colonel OíNeill with Tealíc rushed forward onto the puddle jumper firing wildly. Tealícs stun weapon beam found the Viking puddle jumper pilots body. He fell over the controls and the spaceship came to a stop. The remaining Vikings fled into the Iraqi complex. The Assault was over. The SG teams had captured several Vikings and one puddle jumper. They looked up just in time to see several puddle jumpers arrive on the scene. They were Viking reinforcements.

The Asgard beamed up all remaining SG team members before the Vikings started their assault of the Complex. Once on board the Asgard Spaceship the Listener. The SG teams where able to treat their wounds before being beamed down onto the earthís surface. The wounded into American Hospitals and the uninjured SG1 and remaining team members back into the UN building in Baghdad. Colonel OíNeill remained behind with Thor and Shea his two trusted Asgard friends. Colonel OíNeill seeked advice from Thor on how to deal with the Vikings. Thor gave his best advice. Peace negotiations had failed. The Vikings would not prevail in this war. Saddam Hussein had cut a deal for nuclear weapons. The Vikings they believed had already given the Iraqis several crude nuclear devices capable of destroying towns. It was believed that Saddam would use these nuclear devices on Israel. Samantha Carter had beamed down directly into the Whitehouse to brief President Bush on the situation. The president looked intently at Samantha and asked for the Asgard opinion on how to deal with the Vikings. Samantha informed the president. That Colonel OíNeill was currently in orbit with the Asgards discussing the best course of action. The President set a new order that would bring destruction to the Iraqis if they intended to use the nuclear devices they had obtained from the Vikings.

John Sloane, Daniel Jackson, Jonas Quinn and Tealíc had been discussing the best way to deal with the Viking Stargates; it was known that Saddam had several. They had already found two. One had been set to self destruct, but Tealíc had de-activated the nuclear device that had been connected to the Stargate that adverted a disaster. John Sloane took charge of SG 1 whilst Colonel OíNeill was in orbit discussing methods for dealing with the Viking threat.

Thor said to Colonel OíNeill that the only way of locating all the nuclear weapons was to firstly control the country. This could not be achieved with Saddam in control. However. The UN and black op teams did have an advantage in the country. Firstly the Black Op teams where able to move freely under the cover of darkness. Thor had stated that he had just arrived on the scene in time to stop a major disaster that would have seen the SG teams badly injured.

Tealíc had decided to go out with one of the UN teams to a promising site to try and locate a Stargate that had been buried for several thousand years. The teams had been looking for cover stones. When tealc noticed a depression in the ground. Tealíc called over several UN team members who used their sonar device and had located an underground bunker. This bunker had one entry point. It took them all afternoon to dig up the entry point. Tealíc was able to decipher the text on the doorway which was solid granite. On the granite doorway they found the words, beware who all enter.

June 11th, 2007, 11:22 PM
Hi everyone thanks for reading my story, it's much appreciated, if anyone has any stories they would like me to read, just drop me a line

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Hi it's me Shea, I will have a new story out soon.

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I thought it was pretty interesting. Definately different from most SG fanfics. What's your next one about?

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My next story continues with SG1 in Iraq against their foe the vikings

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I Thought I Would Drop A Line And Say That I Am In The Middle Of Writing My Next Story.

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No part of this story makes sense. You need to think out your stories better and reevaluate what your trying to write about. Remember what each culture in the Stargate universe is assigned to, Vikings are the Asgards worshipers so not gonna be against SG-1. Also Iraq.... Riggghhhttt....