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April 7th, 2007, 11:00 AM
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Something I took interest in on account of not having a real TV and being confined to seeing only the episodes out on DVD is that I tend to watch all the episodes over and over again. So I start to pick up details. One of the things I've taken notice of is there appear to be, in fact, five seperate departments on Atlntis. I have gone back repeatedly analying the uniforms and the activities of these departments. I have Analyzed the following to date:


There appear to be on atlantis thee major uniforms. The first, which I will refer to as the Class A Uniform, is the more common Jacket we see all the main and most of the backround characters wearing all the time. There appear to be two color variations Black and Brown, These colors do not appear to be denotory of the status of civilian or military personell though some departments appear to wear the same color consistently. This Uniform is made up of a pair of pants and a jacket. On the jacket there are two colored spots on either side of the zipper which denote department. The second, which I will refer to as the Class B Uniform, is the same as a Class A without the jacket, instead a Polo shirt is worn, this uniform piece has a zipper on the collar, and the color is consistent with department. There also appears to be a variation of this Uniform which has Black running down the sides beneath the arms, this is seen on Weir on multiple occasions, and on McKay once, to my knowledge once. This could be denotary of department heads. The third uniform is unclear it is seen on a few occasions throughout the first season. It is a plain unadorned green uniform. This is seen once in "Thirty Eight Minutes" When Kebanov confronts Weir, when the camera pans to below the bridge and two personell look up. A more clear veiw of these uniforms can be seen in "Hotzone" the purpose or repsonsibility of the personell so Uniformed is as yet unknown.


There appear to be five major atlantean departments, outside of the obvious the precise repsonsibilities of each of these departments can be sometiems difficult to determine, as it is logical and appears that Atlantis considered Multi-tasking a high priority among it's personell seeing as the probablilti yof reinforcements was low and they might never return. This is supported in "Hotzone" :mckay: "this guy knows almost as much about Ancient Technology as I do" reffered individual wore black of Military Operations The Departments are a follows:

Key: Department Name -- Class A Colors / Class B Colors

Precise Responsibilities? Who knows, could be a diplomatic department, however their are a number of persanell in the backround wearing CO Uniforms and they fulfill variety of tasks. Weir and Tayla are both classified in this department, both of them are representatives/diplomats, it is possibile that this department is the Diplomatic Department.

Responsible for all Combat related missions from security, to recon, assualt, etc... Main characters in this department are Luitenant Ford and Major Sheppherd, other prominent characters are Sergeant Bates, and their are a number of extras in this department.

Responsible for all research and Scientific Endeavors of Atlantis Expidition. Lead characters are Rodney McKay, other characters are Zeleynka, Kebenov, and Peter Grodin (KIA). A number of extra from this department are seen prominently.

Responsible for the Health adn Well being of all Atlantis Expedition Personell. Also handles Medicly related Research. Lead Characters are Dr. Coner Beckett. Some important characters from this department appear on occasion but only for an episode. Backround characters in this department are seen rarely (except in the sickbay, or medical labs, whjere they are ussually wearing a white lab coat) and only on occasion, ussually not noticed unless one is looking for them.

Precise purpose uknown. Could be Communications, seen most often in SGO (Stargate Operations) see THIRTY EIGHT MINUTES "He's the one that's injured" and throughout episode as well. Appears in several episodes but only noticed by those who are looking, or chance to see them. My guess Operations. At least three individuals from this department can be identified, all are nameless backround characters and they are always seen in SGO, Except for once in the pilot during Weir's Speech, one is seen off center to the right.

Ok this is everything I know so far, Thoughts? Insights? More tid-bits I can add? :)

April 9th, 2007, 09:59 AM
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