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September 14th, 2004, 02:36 PM
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Stargate: Atlantis (1.09) - "Home"
(original airdate 09.10.04)

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie
Directed by: Holly Dale


The planet M5S 224 is shrouded in mist. Sheppard is upset with Doctor McKay for apparently leading the Atlantis team to this colossal waste of time for there seems to be nothing of value on the planet. McKay's readings had initially shown massive amounts of energy there, indicating an advanced civilization. But as they get ready to return to their home base, McKay notices a wild fluctuation in the energy field of the planet's Stargate. He concludes that the gate is actually drawing power from this world's energy-enriched atmosphere. More importantly, that energy is enough to open a wormhole back to Earth.

**snippity doo dah**

This is probably the weakest of the offerings of STARGATE ATLANTIS so far, sadly. It does have its good points, but it's so very important to consider what the viewer knows and be sure and consider this when you write the episode. We are left to wonder why the characters themselves aren't as observant as we, the viewers, are. And that might actually give some people enough to change the channel before the hour ends. My suggestion? Don't forget what we know ever again, please!

Next week is the "summer finale" even though we are in September which most people consider the "fall" season. What that really means is that it will be January of 2005 before we see new episodes, so enjoy it as much as possible!

Quotes of the Week:

Ford: "I've never seen so much 'nothing.'"
Sheppard: "And I've never walked so far to see it."

McKay: "We're talking about a lot of energy here."
Sheppard: "How much is 'a lot?'"
McKay: "What, in terms of joules or ergs?"
Sheppard: "In terms of 'lots.'"
McKay: "Lots of 'lots.' Enough to open a wormhole to Earth."

Weir: "Look, all I'm saying is that you are the person who is best qualified to brief General Hammond and the other powers that be about the Wraith threat."
Sheppard: "That may be so, but I think I'm needed here."
Weir: "Good."
Sheppard: "But if you want to go, I understand that, too."
Weir: "Are you saying I'm not needed here?"
Sheppard: "I said I'd understand."
Weir: "Well, thank you, but I made a commitment."
Sheppard: "Of course, in all fairness, life-sucking aliens weren't part of the brochure."
Weir: "Regardless, I'm staying."
Sheppard: "Good. It wouldn't be the same without you."

Ford: "So if this works, would you want to go back?"
McKay: "I don't think it matters what I would want."
Ford: "Why not?"
McKay: "Because Atlantis can't afford to lose me. I'm the foremost expert in gate theory, wormhole physics and a myriad of other sciences too numerous to mention yet too important to ignore."
Ford: "I'd love to see my grandma. She thinks I'm in somewhere in Afghanistan or something."
McKay: "On the other hand, if anyone's going, it should be someone who commands the respect of the SGC and yet has the patience, knowledge and determination to bring them up to speed and find a way to bring the cavalry back here."
Ford: "So what you're saying is, you're invaluable everywhere."
McKay: "Granted, it would create a void if I were to go, but you could all take comfort in the knowledge that I'll be on the other side spearheading the effort to return with reinforcements, fresh supplies and Big Macs for all."
Ford: "I feel better already."

McKay: "So, we ready?"
Sheppard: "What's there to be ready for?"
McKay: "Well, it's a big moment, and I thought we haven't been in contact for some time ..."
Weir: "Go ahead!"
McKay: "Please work."

Answering machine: "You have no new messages."
McKay: "Huh. Must have been a power failure or something."

Teyla: "But here there are so many items to choose from!"
Sheppard: "Yeah, you seemed like you were having fun. Hours and hours of fun. But you have picked out a nice outfit."
Teyla: "Thank you. I wonder, if we had never suffered the Wraith, would my people have created a civilization such as this?"
Sheppard: "I'm starting to wonder about a few things myself."

Simon to Weir: "When you told me you were going away but couldn't say where, my first guess was Korea. My second guess was Israel. To be honest, the Pegasus galaxy didn't make my list."

McKay to Hammond: "But an hour ago, it hit me. Like Archimedes in the bathtub, eureka! Except I wasn't in the bathtub, I was on the couch watching a very strange OUTER LIMITS episode."

McKay: "You people have those test results for me yet?"
Scientist: "We need more time."
McKay: "What are you talking about? Let me see what you've got. Wait a minute, what is this, some kind of joke?"
Scientist: "I told you, we need more time."
McKay: "These don't even make any sense."
Scientist: "We don't think the ZPM has enough power to open the wormhole."
McKay: "Well, you wouldn't know that from this, would you? This might as well say, 'Bing, tiddle, tiddle, bong.' It's complete jibberish!"

McKay: "I ran a diagnostic on the ZedPM. These are the results I keep getting back."
Weir: "I'm not a scientist, Rodney."
McKay: "Well, neither is anyone else around here apparently or else they would have noticed the laws of physics seem to have flown out the window."
Weir: "Maybe there's a problem with your equipment."
McKay: "I checked. It's fine."
Weir: "Look, if your solution doesn't work, it's not your fault. We'll just have to accept the fact that we can't go back."
McKay: "What?"

McKay: "These results don't just say the ZedPm won't work, they say this realty isn't governed by any natural laws. It's like looking through a microscope at a cell culture and seeing a thousand dancing hamsters. It's impossible."
Weir: "Rodney, you need to calm down."
McKay: "No, no, what I need to do now is to get very agitated because what I'm realizing is all this is a lie!"

Sheppard: "You guys have been dead for years! Now, don't get me wrong, it's really nice seeing you. You too, Miss Watson. She was my sixth grade teacher. And I don't even remember your name, but I remember you wouldn't even date me!"

Mitch: "You shot me!"
Sheppard: "You're already dead!"

Alien entity: "Major Sheppard discovered the truth some time ago."
McKay: "He did?"
Sheppard: "Home for the last eleven months has been a research base in Antarctica."
Sheppard: "I did dream about a bachelor pad like that."
Alien entity: "Major Sheppard seemed uniquely capable of manipulating his own fabricated reality."
Sheppard: "When I think about the scenarios I could have thought up, I could kick myself."
Alien entity: "The realities you experienced were fabrications of your own minds. (To Teyla) Now, since you had no memories of Earth to draw from, you shared in Major Sheppard's illusion."
Sheppard: "I thought that was you."

McKay: "So none of this is real? The cute brunette! Of course! I should have known. How do you go from, 'You're a pig, but I like your cat' to 'I missed you?'"
Alien entity: "We lacked a sophisticated understanding of your world. As a result, the illusions we created from your thoughts were ultimately flawed."
Sheppard: "The dead people were ... a dead giveaway."
McKay: "Dead people? What were you doing?"

Next Week:

"The Storm," In the show's first "summer finale," Atlantis is evacuated when a massive storm threatens the city only to be taken over by the team's newest enemy.

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