View Full Version : episode commentarys on nbc website

March 18th, 2007, 03:43 PM
im new here and love all things scifi! the one thing i love about buying shows on dvd is that there are hopefully lots of behind the scenes featurettes and deleted scenes and what not.

in england (and maby more countries) the dvd sets tend to have hardly and or rubbish special features compaired to the american ones - BSG for example!!!

i am really enjoying heroes on at the momment and i have logged on the the official website for it and there are loads of special features like i have said above but i cant access them because i am outside the usa.

i so want to listen to the commentaries (sorry about spelling its late over here) does anyone know how to download them or make it so i can access them? its so annoying that fans of the show are stopped from viewing content like this just because of where we live. i had the same problem with Odyssey 5.

sorry about the long post!! i just wanted to find out about this! now im gonna update my profile....:)