View Full Version : Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence Sep 17th!!

September 4th, 2004, 10:46 PM
GITS2 in theatres on 17 September!

I have been hoping for a sequel for a few years now...aaand the recent release to DVD of the GITS Stand Alone Complex series (sea 1) was quite the disappointment with regards to story and animation quality.
Of course Stand Alone 1 and 2:Second Gig, were storylines that occur as if the events in the original film never happened. This "Innocence" is a true sequel and follow through of events in the original film. Finally.

THIS looks to be excellent. In the trailers the animation is stunning!
With the same production and creation team, the story should be be as immersing as the original. The animation is certainly rich and fluid, the backgrounds detailed.

The story features the character Batou from the original film, as he takes on the Yakuza, hackers, and corporate criminals as he tries to hold onto what is left of his "humanity". Batou is a cyborg, whose body is entirely mechanical except for his brain and "human soul".

Official Site (by the same company that released "Millennium Actress" <also excellent>, affiliated with DreamWorks which is bringing movie to US)

the trailers and galleries!! Also full synopsis...note Japanese trailer (also here) is much longer than US one and give better "feel" for movie

Movie Site (Japanese)



Read about the creators of GITS and Steamboy in this article from "Wired".