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December 15th, 2006, 02:38 AM
Sprang to my mind when I watched "For your eyes only" or some other old Bond movie :P

Comments greatly appreciated!

Edit: Perhaps the title should actually say "fanfic" instead of "fanfiction" :P

Prologue (standalone)

“The Galaxy is not enough”

Somewhere in the galaxy..

He placed the demo pack. 6 minutes. Getting in was usually the easy part, getting out was a whole different story. 6 minutes and this facility would blow. He loved these Goa'Uld bases with power reactors. Unlike Soviet military bases all it took was one small charge on the reactor.

He was in a room with a power core in the middle. It wasn't very broad , but tens of meters high. He stood on a walkway circling the power core, which also lead to two doors.

He climbed back into the ventilation shaft he came through, and switched the forcefield back on via the remote. Funny these switches were sensible to magnetism, so all he had to do to open it was activate the magnet on his watch and move his watch down, in order to press the button in.

When he was a few hundred meters down the shaft he heard a familiar voice.

“Kree! Jaffa!”

“Lord Ba'al, my jaffa have captured 4 Tau'ri, and the shol'va. We have identiefied them as SG1”

“Why did you bring them to the sectret research facility. I told you not to bring anyone here”

“My lord, we were ambushed by more Tau'ri, usage of the shield in this facility was the only way to secure the prisoners”

“Very well. Do not fail me again. Bring in the prisoners”.

When he looked down on the room through the ventilation shaft, he saw 4 jaffa and a a fancy dressed man. Ba'al. Two more Jaffa came in, they brought 4 green clad figures with them. 1 Jaffa, 2 men, 2 women.

“Great”, he thought. “Standard issue SG team uniforms. Bloody Americans.”

He glanced down at his watch. 4:00, 3:59, 3:58

“Only 3:50 left. Darn it, so much for the bloody plan. Not that plan A ever worked anyway.”

“Leave us!” Ba'al shouted.

“SG1, too bad O'neill isn't with you anymore. I would have liked to have him in my grasp once again. Although now I have Que'tesh, and the Shol'va”. Ba'al said pleased.

“The name's Vala!” She protested angrily.

“Well I can only do so much to substitute him then, can't I?” Michtell said.

Suddenly another Ba'al came in. The door closed behind him. He took a knife from under his robe and threw it at Ba'al. Right through the wrist device. Then he took a zat and shot Ba'al.

“Ehm why did you do that?” Daniel asked.
“Not that we have a problem with it”, Carter said.

The man turned into an English looking man, black hair, dark eyes.

“Holographic device on my watch, handy device” the man said.

“Who are you?” Teal'c asked.

“The name's Bond, James Bond”.

“So you're a bounty huner?” Vala wondered.

“MI6, sent to destroy this facility. Which will happen in about 3 minutes”

“How did you get here? Does MI6 has a rogue operation?”

“We use a holographic projector to cloak ourselves, so we sneak by when teams leave, due to my infiltrating the Lucian Alliance we could not risk anyone recognising me, so MI6 made a deal with General O'neill and the Pentagon. Plenty of time to chat about that later, right now we got to go lads.” Bond said.

"The SGC would detect something like that, but I guess you informed Walter as well" Carter theorised.

“I don't like being blown up let's move” Michtell ordered.

“It's not far to the gate, but there are about twenty guards between us.” Bond said as he opened the door and shot two guards with his silenced Walter PPK.

Teal'c and Michtell took the staffs while Vala and Carter took their zats.

“Next one's yours Daniel” Vala said with her michivious grin.

Bond opened the door of the facility's gateroom and threw two flashbangs through.

SG1 shot the Jaffa while Bond picked of a few as well.

He took the touchpad of the PDA on his wrist and hit the speeddial for Earth.

“Damn I want one of those” Carter thought.

Stargate Command, Earth

“Incoming wormhole, General Landry to the gateroom!” Walter's voice sounded over the speakers

“Receiving SG1's IDC sir, and a transmission, audio only”

“Let's hear it” Landry said.

“SGC this is MI6 Agent 007, I got SG1 with my , we need to get out of here NOW, this facility blows in 20 seconds”

“Would be nice if you opened the door General” Mitchell's voice sounded in the microphone as well, an almost unhearable “Indeed” after it.

“Open the Iris” Landry ordered. “The iris is open”.

SG1 walked through into the gateroom, Bond walking in the middle.

“Close it up!” Carter shouted.

Just as the iris closed, a thud rang against it.

“Mission accomplished sir” Bond said.

“Debriefing in 10 minutes, I want to know what the hell you were doing out there SG1” Landry said.

To continue, or not to continue?

December 23rd, 2006, 12:53 PM
Not I guess then.

I think it's kinda cheesy myself actually, but I just wanted to write something after seeing a Bond movie :P

December 30th, 2006, 02:01 AM
Its not bad, i think its way too short for a bond movie and even an SG1 episode but their could be room for a Bond in Stargate. The Oddesey thing was wrong because you cant beam people through the gate, because it causes interference (we found that out in camolot) and also we have jamming devices all over the SGC. But other than that its pretty cool.

December 30th, 2006, 02:47 AM
Thx! I corrected the Odyssee thingey :)

It's very short indeed, think of it as the part that happens before the main intro of the Bond movie, like the attack on the base in Goldeneye, the chase in "The World is not enough" (or was it tomorrow never dies)

December 30th, 2006, 05:58 AM
I have a couple of ideas for the main bit if your interested?

December 30th, 2006, 07:00 AM
Sure, since frankly, I haven't got a clue where to go from here lol.

Maybe you could write it yourself since there aren't any 007 crossovers out there I'd be interested to read one, if I read my own one I kinda tend to know how it ends :P

December 30th, 2006, 09:22 AM
Maybe but i have other fanfic commitments, genesis, andromeda, plus im doing other stuff like the Gw fleet and im a bit busy..but here my idea:

Bond is on the trail of a suspected arms dealer who has been illegially selling advanced alien weaponry to terrorists in exchange for thier co-operation in Trust, rouge NID opperations on Earth.
Recently the Agents at MI6 who had been unaware of the trust's goauld infiltration, they had been aware that rouge NID agents from the US had been spotted in Europe but didnt know for what purpose.
The reason bond rescued SG1 was because it was believed that Baal had been behind recent activity on Earth. He was right, and Sg1 was needed. They want to capture baal, find our what is going on and then stop illegal alien technology, including bio weapons, naqudah enriched bombs and beaming technology from falling in to the hands of some very nasty terrorists. Baal realised that it would be easier to arm the worlds terrorists and "destroy like a cancer from within" than create a fleet, army and then try to take Earth. His links to the finance industry on earth also gave him the Resources to finacne terrorist activity on this planet beyond naything we have seen before. He is gathering and army of terrorist and arming them to wage war against the US, who he sees as his true enemy, not the entire people people of Earth. Hes going to do this by creating a second world war, using his terrorist to sieze power in europe, specificly the UK and then use his own army of terror in conjunction with advancd technology and the UK's nuclear arsonal. Bond and Sg1 has to stop this, they have all the resources of the US, SGC, and UK but to do this they have to literally destroy half the world terrorist organisations, which will have control of the most advanced military hardware outside of the SGC in less that 3days. clocks ticking.

I think that would be pretty cool.

December 30th, 2006, 10:13 AM
Indeed, I'll get on it after I finish my SW crossover :)

January 12th, 2007, 10:13 AM
Spoilers the Quest part II :

Apparantly you can beam through a gate, but not with Asgard beams?