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the Fifth Race
December 12th, 2006, 10:06 AM
I am sure I am not the only one to notice quite a few similarities between Heroes and Lost. I wanted to create a thread that explores the similarities (Positive and Negative) whether they are based in fact or if you have your own theory.

Here are some of the similarities I have made between the two shows.....

Both seem to have extraordinary happenings (fate and such). The characters seem so real, there is a depth to each of them. They have meaning and a purpose, and they're also intertwined with each other.

Just from the pilot, you can tell the entire season (if not at least most) is completely planned out. Pretty much the only two differences between Heroes and Lost is the level of supernaturals, location, and the fact that it took until the end of season 2 of Lost to realize it was very carefully scripted.

The whole comic book angle has so much stuff that they can get away with. Like powers and what not. It's going to be like a very modern X-men, without the silly costumes.

character similarities.......

Hiro & Jin - non English speaking characters

Micah & Walt - young boys that seem to a special quality to them

Claire & Claire - not just the name, both young and naive

Nikki & many of the survivors - have killed (intentionally or unintentionally)
Parts of Internet articles......

Television critics are already noting the similarities between "Heroes" and "Lost" because of their diverse casts of characters that come from around the world, supernatural elements and progressive storytelling style. And, it seems like the buzz surrounding "Heroes" just keeps growing.

Too much time is spent on the characters, giving the interesting back-story little credit. In this sense, the show bears similarities to ABC's "Lost," in that during the first episode, several connections between the "Heroes" and the presumed "bad guy" are revealed, a technique distinctly reminiscent of ABC's hit show.

While engaging, "Heroes" falters in setting itself apart from other hero-themed pieces, like, for example, "X-Men." Although there are similarities between both "X-Men" and "Heroes" (several characters even share the same powers), the latter pulls in an international viewpoint by having the so-called heroes scattered all over the globe. A slightly nerdy man discovers he can bend time and space in Tokyo, a man can fly in New York and, in Texas, a cheerleader discovers she is immune to injury

December 12th, 2006, 06:22 PM
I think that Heroes probably exists because of Lost. Lost really made the whole "we have no idea what is actually happening and why" plot idea popular and successful. Without Lost there would not have been Heroes, or at least Heroes would have been very different.

However I think that many of the conections you point out are really to obsucre to really matter.
The two Claires are too different to really compare.
There are a lot of characters that do not speak English in shows (and Jin and Hiro are completely unrelated other than that).
A ton (maybe too many shows) have obscenely smart kids, in particular kids from difficult families.

Really, apart from the basic approach of keeping the audience in the dark there is really not much that is actually similar between them.