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October 25th, 2006, 06:49 PM
From the MGM October e-mail newsletter:


Stargate SG-1

The all new Stargate SG-1 interactive website is now up and running. The site features weekly promos of upcoming episodes, cast profiles, contests, station info and much, much more. Go to Stargatesg-1.com <http://stargatesg-1.com/Default.aspx> to check it out.



Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine Issue 13 - on newsstands from October 31!

So, is the gate really closed for SG-1? In Issue 13 we explore this and other big stories in our ‘Advanced Telemetry’ news section. We also have some awesome interviews lined up for you - David Hewlett reveals his thoughts on playing the irksome yet ingenious Dr. Rodney McKay, Amanda Tapping looks back on a decade of playing the brilliant Samantha Carter and Jason Momoa waxes lyrical about his character Ronon Dex - a man of few words but increasing importance in the Stargate: Atlantis team

As well as this we have all our fantastic regular features, and this issue we have decided to hand the power over to you in our first ever Readers’ Poll, this is your chance to tell us what makes your Stargate world go round.

Stargate SG-1/Atlantis The Official Magazine #13 is on sale October 31! To find out more about the magazine or to subscribe visit http://www.titanmagazines.com/titanmag/app

THE ‘GATE IS OPEN! WIN A COPY OF THE STARGATE SG-1 SEASON 9 DVD! Your gateway to some serious sci-fi action. For details of how to enter visit http://www.titanmagazines.com/stargate from October 31!