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August 15th, 2004, 03:27 PM
From MediasharX:


(Yee-haa! This episode earned five out of five shark fins. Well deserved -- excellent episode. Please follow the link for the complete review.)


The SGC is under attack, and one of Anubis' Kull warriors has gotten through. People are dying left and right (including O'Neill), but it's Teal'c to the rescue, as he shows up and takes out the intruders. There's a flash of light as we see Teal'c strapped into one of the chairs from season two's The Gamekeeper (Dwight Schulz needs to pop up again). After joking that O'Neill died well, Teal'c complains that the simulation was too easy. The supersoldiers are much tougher in real life. Dr. Lee is heartbroken, figuring the device was perfect, but asks Teal'c if he'd be willing to help develop the program to make the simulation more in key with the real deal.

**snippity doo-dah**

It is easy to basically churn out reams of scripts that focus on character relationships, but SG-1 consistently delivers believable, incredibly fun episodes where the best sequences involve what these people think of each other. With Avatar, SG-1 has not only showcases that, it pole vaults over the video game culture to deliver something incredibly imaginative: character piece that is disguised by a massive chunk of pop culture. And it works well on both levels. Are we at that level of story telling?

And despite what I said earlier, my respawning rate at STARGATE: THE GAME would not be from lack of trying. Hint, hint.


O'Neill: "How was it? Was it fun?"
Teal'c: "Indeed. You died well in battle, O'Neill."
O'Neill: "Obviously it's defective."

O'Neill: "Carter, all I heard was 'matrix' and I found those films quite confusing."

Carter: "You've played Doom."
Teal'c: "I've played Def Jam Vendetta."
(trivia note: Judge played D-Mob in Def Jam Vendetta)

Jackson: "That's not fair, you can't win the race if someone keeps moving the finish line."

Jackson: "Death by a thousand cuts."

Carter: "Sir, you may have done it again."
O'Neill: "Yes. (long pause) How'd I do it this time?"

Dr. Carmichael (on the needle he just jammed into Teal'c's heart): "That's not gonna work again."
O'Neill: "I don't wanna SEE that again!"

Daniel (on the in-game frequency modulator): "Yup. This could work."

Teal'c: "We have won."
O'Neill: "Well...it's what we do."

Next Week: - "Affinity" Teal'c gets an apartment off base and a new headache when he's caught in the middle of a lover's quarrel that ends in murder. Smallville fans can get an early look at the acting prowess (among other things) of guest star and soon-to-be Lois Lane, Erica Durance.




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Erik Pasternak
August 15th, 2004, 10:09 PM
Well, I'm happy to see that this wonderful episode of SG-1 got what it deserved, the full 5 fins!