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July 20th, 2006, 09:09 PM
Season Six

What episodes feature the scenes
where you feel that
Amanda Tapping's
wonderful acting talents
get to shine?
(without reference or consideration
for hair or clothing styles...
or ship or such... ;) )

Please note that you can vote for several episodes when you cast your ballot,
but once you hit submit, it won't let you come back and vote again.

You can vote in the poll, and then post your comments in this thread.
Comments and discussion may also overlap into the Sam's A Great Character Thread. (http://forum.gateworld.net/showthread.php?t=6913) :sam:

Pics that capture your favorite AT acting scene are greatly appreciated too!
(A picture is worth a thousand words...)

If you want a reminder of what each episode was about... Season 6 Episode Summaries (http://www.gateworld.net/sg1/s6/index.shtml)

The Poll (http://forum.gateworld.net/showthread.php?t=31402)


Over the years, we've discussed which episodes (and scenes) were the best, or most important, for the Stargate characters. We've run 'Best Episode' Polls for each season and such.

However, when trying to decide which episode was the best of a season for a certain character, such as Sam, one of the issues that fans have wrestled with is... whether to pick the episode which features the most/best AT on screen, or the episode which features the best Sam Carter scenes. Examples include Entity (which had some wonderful AT acting scenes, but she wasn't playing Sam Carter, as much as she was playing/acting an alien entity). Another example would be an episode with lots of RepliCarter, or Geek!Sam, where again, these are wonderful AT acting scenes, a wonderful look at AT acting out-of-the-regular-confines of the character of 'our' Sam Carter.

So, we've already done the 'Best Sam Carter' Episodes of each season (polls were done last year on the GW forum, and informal polls were also conducted again recently on the Sam's A Great Character Thread), and many have recommended that we should do some 'Best AT Acting Polls'... so here we go :cool:

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July 21st, 2006, 05:30 AM
Ok here I go again...
Season 6 was for me a really nice season, cause for once you get to see the leader in Sam. I mean in a few eps. you really see her from that side, and I love seeing her. AT does such a wonderful job with it. She is convincing in playing a leader. She isn't to pushy or anything. she is a leader but is still a teammember first of all.
You also get to see her as the person who is having a hard time with the lost of Daniel but also tries to be friendly to Jonas and try to accept him as a teammember.

OK this are the eps. I voted for:
*I really love her in that ep. Here you see how she looks at Jonas, how she sees him. She wants to acept him, but she also has a hard time with loosing Daniel. She wants really to be friendly, and that is she. But she also has problems with him cause she blames him for the death of Daniel. She just has to get to know him and than she is loosing up to him.
*When she goes to see the first time to see the F303 (I think it is called...Sorry if I am wrong, I don't know much about the ships) the excitement on her face. She really loves them. you can see how much she likes them. She is like a kid in a candystore!
*when she tries to find a solution but she has no idea what she can do to fix it and she talks to Jack about the fear she has. You see she has fear because she really is convinced that she will not be able to fix it but on the other hand she doesn't want to let to show it to Jack. But she really can't.
*Every interaction with MacKay is just funny and nice to watch. I love them both togheter. They have good chemistry going on :) Especially that seen when she just burned herself and she is in the infermery

*Sam as leader, she is great in it. And AT plays it really convincing. She is not the big leader, she is just a leader who listens to the rest of the team.
*I love the scene when she is talking to Jonas about the food. I really have to laugh every time I see it. The look on her face says so much. It says even more than what she says about it
*when they are in the motel and she is doing her explanation about what might have happened
*when she has the goa'uld in her. Well she doesn't actually have it in her but she plays it and the way she slaps Jonas. I mean that was convinsing. I really believed she did slap him and that she was the Goa'uld and when she zats the 2 NID guys who were Goa'uld. Her face again says so much and than that little line with it. Loved it

*Well she is just the girl who solves it all and when she is looked up in that room and she has to find her way out of it. The way she acts that is so great
*When she just escaped from the room and she has to hurry up. Than the wind start to come up and she really have to strugle to get where she wants to be. She is so convincing about the fact that she might be in trouble. I mean you really would want her to help so she can walk faster

*She and fifth have some really good moments, when she is in his mind.

*again Sam as a leader is great to see, even she isn't actually leading but more like helping someone out
*I love the scene when she is in Barett's office and she is starting to get mad at him.
*Also I love her interaction with Barett in general. they have something really friendly and caring towards eachother but in the mean time they are both uncomfortable with eachother.

*when she flirts with a guy she is at her best :) and well maybe I just love it cause she can make soufle :p And you also see her here as the girl who really can make things work

Just something I want to ad: I love AT her facial expression they just say so much every time again, they say sometimes more than words

Chelle DB
July 22nd, 2006, 06:03 AM
Ok...that was really hard...mind you it's just on midnight and I've been at work nearly all day, went out for dinner with family, went out visiting, got home and hopped into GW to try to read posts and I really should be in bed cos I gotta go to work in the morning...oh wait...it is morning...DoH!
Anyhow...I really couldn't choose one so I chose several...again. My most favourite would have to be Nightwalkers and Metamorphosis and Changeling! Please don't ask why now cos I'm half asleep and wouldn't know where to begin.
I just think Amanda rocks in every ep she's in!!!

July 22nd, 2006, 01:58 PM
I haven't decided on my final list, but I want to make an early pitch for Redemption 1&2 in particular. Seriously, y'all, give it another look. AT is a dynamo in that 2-parter, and it's all the more special because it's arguably the closest? only? season opener in which Carter is the lead protagonist. AT rose to the occasion, if not surpassed it. :p

July 24th, 2006, 08:50 AM
Nightwalkers - eyes flash
frozen - sam begging jack to take a symbiote
paradise lost - sam crying for jack and teal'c comforting her *aww*

July 24th, 2006, 09:21 AM
Redemption, Parts 1 and 2 - I enjoyed the way Amanda handled Samís interaction with Jonas, I think that she was trying to be nice to him, but was having some trouble over Danielís death. I loved the scenes with Sam and the F-302, both from the Scientist Sam perspective and from Samís seldom seen pilot side. Her interaction with McKay was, as always, priceless. I especially liked the way Amanda captured Samís doubts about whether or not she would be able to come up with a solution in time, as well as the burden of being the one everybody was looking to to solve the problem.

Nightwalkers - I always like to see Sam take charge. Amanda has given her such a presence as a leader, not a dictator barking orders and expecting them to be followed solely because she is in charge but as somebody that her teammates can trust and respect, somebody who can see what needs to be done, judge whether or not a risk should be taken and do what needs to be done.

Unnatural Selection - Excellent job by Amanda in this episode. The scenes with Fifth were wonderful, especially at the end where Jack gestured for Sam to deceive him and leave him behind. It was obvious that she wasnít happy about what she had done and her guilt over leaving Fifth in the time bubble was well played.

Paradise Lost Ė The locker room scene between Sam and Tealíc was beautifully acted by both Amanda and Christopher Judge. Samís despair at losing Jack and her guilt over not having been able to find a solution, combined with the pain she was feeling over recent loss of Daniel brought tears to my eyes, but I really enjoyed seeing the friendship and trust between Sam and Tealíc.

July 25th, 2006, 05:31 AM
My finalists were Redemption, Nightwalkers, Prometheus, and Paradise Lost.

Sorry, no incisive remarks or screencaps at this time. :)

July 25th, 2006, 08:16 AM
One thing I've noticed about AT in Season 6 was the easygoing chemistry she had with CN/Jonas---it often seemed as though they'd been acting together for much longer than one season.

Redemption, Pts.1 and 2 -- Again, AT's scenes with DH were wonderful and the whole story showcased AT's versatility: the snarky competitiveness between Sam and McKay; the difficulty in accepting Jonas as a member of SG-1; the second-guessing and pressure Sam went through being "The One" expected to come up with a solution.
Nightwalkers -- great to see Sam in charge...I thought the three of them made a really great team. Loved AT as Detective Sam. (Tough-guy Sam, too---she really belted Jonas!)

Smoke and Mirrors -- I think of Sam as a leader in this one even though Teal'c and Jonas had equally important tasks to do. AT played Sam as no-nonsense and take-charge, a loyal 2IC going to bat for her commanding officer.
Unnatural Selection -- Loved how AT highlighted Sam's compassionate nature in relating to Fifth and her honest contempt for how Jack treated him. The scene towards the end with SG-1 safely back on board the ship was really well done. The freedom to be honest with Jack in disagreeing with his decision to leave Fifth behind was another example of how closely-knit they were as a team. AT played Sam with courage, honor and compassion.

Paradise Lost -- One of AT's scenes that I'll always love the most was the locker room scene with Teal'c. All the grief and frustration of not being able to help Jack, the deep sorrow of possibly losing yet another close SG-1 member so soon after Daniel and finally letting all those emotions spill out in conversation with Teal'c---fantastic performance on AT's part.

Prophecy -- I loved Sam's scenes with Jonas---AT played Sam with compassion, wisdom and common sense.

L.A. Doyle
July 27th, 2006, 10:38 PM
Here are some of my picks:
Redemption 1: Teasing Jack about the X-301(arming ejection systems!) and the scenes with Jack in the lab. AT and RDA just have great chemistry. :)
Redemption 2: AT and DH have some pretty great chemistry as well. :D
Nightwalkers: This was just cool. A Sam in charge episode. AT did a wonderful job with this episode. Once again she showed she was more than capable of carrying the show.
Unnatural Selection: I just have to say that Amanda really has great interaction with a lot of people! I love the scenes with Fifth.
Paradise Lost: The locker room scene. I just wanted to kick Teal'c out of the way and hug her myself. Whenever Sam gets to be a bit emotional, Amanda does it perfectly. She never comes across as being wimpy or a sissy girl. I see a woman that's been through a lot, that even though a bit hesitant about showing emotions, she isn't a robot or ice queen.
Metamorphosis: Sam knowing she was going to die. AT played that so well. It was very convincing...her movements, her facial expressions, everything. Great job by AT. :)

Every little thing she does is magic! :D Amanda did a fabulous job this season, in EVERY episode, though I didn't have time to go into detail! :sam:

July 28th, 2006, 04:59 AM
i voted for redemption and metamorphosis. choosing for this season was really hard