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August 6th, 2004, 04:28 PM
Hey, there! I'm kinda new to GW, but I love it! I've just finished writing the first two fics in my series, and I've already put them up here on GW!



Rating: PG-13
Category: Action/Adventure, Drama, Romance
Season: SG-1 Season Seven
Related SG-1 Episode(s): 721 The Lost City, Part 1, 722 The Lost City, Part 2
Featured Character(s): Daniel Jackson
Pairing(s): Daniel/Other, Sam/Jack
Summary: Anthropologist and Linguist Jade Andros is transferred to SG-1 to help Daniel translate a tablet with gate coordinates to a new planet. When Jade and SG-1 go to investigate, they accidentally unleash an imprisoned Goa'uld.
Author Notes: This first fic takes place right before Season Seven's finale Lost City, and subsequent sequels all take place at different points in Season Eight. I'm experimenting with the idea of weaving the stories throughout the season, so I encourage you to bear with me. WARNING: There is strong language, however, violence is down to the minimum of firefights.



Rating: PG-13
Category: Action/Adventure, Drama, MissingScene, Romance
Season: SG-1 Season Eight
Related SG-1 Episode(s): 801 New Order, Part 1, 802 New Order, Part 2, 803 Lockdown
Featured Character(s): Jack ONeill, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter, Tealc
Pairing(s): Daniel/Other, Sam/Jack
Summary: Dr. Andros has had plenty of time off after her first mission with SG-1, but she's recalled to base with the other teams just after O'Neill's incapacitation. Soon, after O'Neill takes command, he sends SG-1 on another mission with Jade, only for Sam and Jade to be trapped in a pit, surrounded by geysers.
Sequel to: Chaos Theory
Author Notes: Okay, here we go! The second installment! I PRAY YOU PEOPLE WILL READ AND REVIEW! This episode draws the same scenario from Solitudes except with Sam and Jade. without the shippiness. This takes place through New Order/after Lockdown/ and before Zero Hour. WARNING: Some strong language and violence, but that's it.

I am BEGGING for people to review, but, if you're going to email me, Chaos Theory has my right email addy. I accidentally typed in the wrong one for Catalyst. You could also review on here, but I would REALLY appreciate the comments!