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July 14th, 2006, 03:32 PM
From La Opinion Digital:


(There's a photo of Carter at the site. Please follow the link for the complete article.)

Or Google Translation:

Space adventures

14 of 2006 July

With the episode of one Flesh hour and Blood tonight begins the tenth season of the space series of science-fiction Stargate SG-1 (in the cable channel SCI FI); where the actor and executive producer Richard Dean continuous Anderson in its paper of general Jack Or' Neill.

They act in addition Beau Bridges like general Hank Landry, Michael Shanks like doctor Daniel Jackson; Amanda Tapping like the lieutenant colonel Samantha Carter; Ben Browder cone the lieutenant colonel Cameron Mitchell; Claudia Black like Vala and Christopher Judge like Teal' c.

One hour before, the special program Stargate SG-1 True Science by this same cable channel will be emitted. Stargate SG-1 can be seen 9:00 p.m., by channel SCI-FI.