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July 14th, 2006, 11:17 AM
Thanks to Blkops at the SG1 SciFi Channel bboard for the heads up.

From IGN:


(There are photos at the site. This is a 4 page interview -- so please follow the link for the COMPLETE INTERVIEW!)

IGN Interviews Christopher Judge

Judge talks Teal'c, Stargate SG-1's tenth season, and much more.

by Jason Van Horn

July 11, 2006 - True story. My father started watching Stargate: SG-1 one day when he stumbled upon it in syndication, but it was never something that appealed to me, and I actually made fun of him for even liking the show. I then sat down one day when I was bored, popped in the pilot of the DVD set he had just bought, and soon found myself watching one episode after the next. Now Stargate: SG-1 is simply a part of my television viewing habits and I can't get enough. So when I got word about an interview opportunity with Christopher Judge, obviously I was thrilled at the chance.


IGN: You filmed the 200th episode of SG-1 not too long ago, and that episode features the return of Richard Dean Anderson to the show. What was it like to have him back on the set for that landmark episode?

Christopher Judge: Oh, it was great. I think the thing we all kind of grudgingly admit is that the real star of the show is the stargate, so when it comes down to people coming and going what you miss about them is their particular personalities and the relationships that you have with them and the laughs you have had with them, and it was a hoot to have Rich back, cause he still has that same great sense of humor and it was just great to be around him and catch up, and all that stuff, and that is what I missed most about him, 'cause he is one of the funniest people I've ever met.


A special thanks to Christopher Judge for taking the time to chat with us.