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July 14th, 2006, 08:48 AM

"Stargate SG-1" season-opener, 8 p.m., Sci Fi Channel. No one would have guessed that this sturdy, standard show would go on and on. It's starting its 10th season now; that tops the combined total for the original versions of "Star Trek," "Battlestar Galactica," "Batman" and "Buck Rogers." Created by Showtime and spun off from a movie, "Stargate" was sometimes too stiff. It's been boosted immensely by the addition of Ben Browder and Claudia Black, from the late, lamented "Farscape." Last season ended with the Ori mother ships coming through the supergate and shattering the good guys. Now Carter is floating in space, her air supply dwindling. Daniel has disappeared. Then there's Vala (Black). She's just given birth to a baby that will turn instantly into an all-knowing teenager. They always seem to. It's a big, busy episode with lots of action and some neatly dabbled humor

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STARGATE SG-1 -- Ten seasons; can you believe it? Lots of goodies await fans of television's longest-running sci-fi drama in this new season, including the addition of Claudia Black to the cast as the beautiful, versatile and not-quite-ethical Vala Mal Doran. (9 p.m., Sci Fi Channel)



It's a big night on Sci Fi as "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis" return with new episodes. "SG-1" kicks off its 10th season, making it the longest-running drama in cable television history. Sister series "Atlantis" begins its third season.
Today 8 & 9 p.m., Sci Fi