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July 13th, 2006, 09:21 PM
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SciFi Channel Uses the Web to Vet a Show for TV

In what may be a first, a TV network is premiering a pilot on the Web before it even appears on cable. Today, NBC Universal's Sci-Fi Channel posted online the complete pilot of an animated show called The Amazing Screw-On Head. It's based on a comic book written by Mike Mignola (who also wrote Hell Boy), and features the voices of actors Paul Giamatti and Molly Shannon. Still, the Sci-Fi execs are on the fence about whether or not to greenlight the whole series. As Craig Engler, the senior vice president in charge of SciFi.com, tells me:

We don’t have enough information to make our decision on that show. So we decided to run it online and have viewers give us feedback directly.

This show is unlike anything we have done before. It is unclear how our audience will react to it. Will they embrace a half-hour animated show that is about a robot who is a secret agent for Abraham Lincoln? I have no idea.


Since its launch two months ago, Engler says SciFi Pulse has already delivered 1.5 million video streams, including full-length sample episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate [they did? Stargate episodes?]. He plans on testing more pilots there in the future and even launching Web-only series that could make the jump to TV if they gain a big enough audience online....


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