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July 7th, 2006, 05:53 PM
The idea is simple. Use your favorite online translation site, translate a spoiler or plot summary from a Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis episode into another language, then translate that result back into English and post the results.

No Man's Land

After it blows up his temporary alliance with the Wraith, the equipment of Atlantis must find a way to stop two ships of the beehive of Wraith that go towards earth. Colonel Caldwell (Mitch Pileggi) of the orders of the garbage dump (Torri Higginson) to attack the beehive sends with the Daedalus and the Orion before they order to you to return to the Earth to explain the lack of his equipment. Sheppherd (Joe Flanigan), that could survive uniting its F-302 the helmet of a ship of Wraith, force to now trust a Michael ostracized (Connor Trinneer) for ayudarte except McKay (David Hewlett) and Ronon (Jason Momoa), which they are being imprisoned sharp by the Wraith. Ronon and McKay can be freed of their prisons of the cocoon with a plan to sabotage the ship in an act passed of the hero?*smo. All the plans hit whereas the Daedalus and the Orion contract the ships of the beehive whereas Sheppard, McKay and Ronon still are on board.


After while using successfully the retrovirus of Wraith to transform a whole boat of hive of Wraith into human, the team returns to Atlantis with their prisoners in the stasis. While waiting, the outfall (Torri Higginson) continuous to defend its control vis-a-vis an independent review leads by the member Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) of I.O.A. Examining the boat of hive that the team diverted in order to try to reconstitute it in the full working condition, McKay (David Hewlett) determines that the prisoners of Wraith cannot indefinitely continue to be held in the stasis. The team decides that the best thing to be made is to place them free on a planet under appearance than they were exposed to a viral demonstration. Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) and Dr. Beckett (Paul McGillion) remain lit the planet to control the Wraith human-form, including a Michael Re-humanized (Connor Trinneer). But when they discover a boat of Wraith approaching planet, the team must act fast to keep the existence of Atlantis a secrecy.

Go forth, and mangle!

July 7th, 2006, 06:23 PM
English to simple Chinese and back again almost makes Irresistible sound funny.

When seeks suitable Stargates to harvest for between theirs new star cluster the bridge, the team meets a hamlet with the leadership which respects. Lucius which esteems (the Richard type) is had regarding theirs accident the repugnant way and the completely deficient confidence level. In the Lucius request, the weir (Torri Higginson) delivers Beckett (Paulo McGillion) doctor to determine if any his evil spirit medicine is a trade which is worth. Though at first postpones by the Lucius individuality, Beckett very quickly becomes therefore by his master love, he neglects the security agreement and brings him to give Atlantis. When Sheppard (time tall Flanigan) and McKay (David Hewlett) returns from other Stargate harvest mission, they discovered the entire base whereabouts is the Lucius unctuous charm. Believed violating a regulation is in works, McKay discovered, Lucius uses some kind of ?? Mongolia to confuse these nearby him. It changes clearly, only if Sheppard possibly removes from Atlantis the present to establish and Lucius which protects, there will be has not stopped his enchanting coup d'etat.

Ah, the Chinese. Such a way with words. "Completely deficient confidence level" sums up how I feel about the ep. I love Lucius and his "evil spirit medicine", but Beckett's "master love" sounds a bit dodgy. I'd almost tune in to see how Lucius uses Mongolia to confuse people. I imagine Mongolia confuses a LOT of people...

July 7th, 2006, 06:40 PM
Flesh and Blood

After its defeat with the suppliers of Ori who came by the barrier from Super, SG-1 fights, to overcome massive retreats. Without the use of the technology radiating of the Odyssey jetzt-beschädigten, Mitchell (Ben Browder) must find, a kind, housing (Amanda pulling to save) that failing the quickly accompanying sector, and in life misses. Vala (black of Claudia), gave on board one suppliers Ori Orici with birth genetically higher with knowledge human Ori who will lead the armies of Ori in the battle against all unbelievers. His/her Adriatic daughter and clock in the astonishment, call of Vala during him vertical drains of rapid in a young person in a few hours her birth. Daniel (leg of Michael) which had reached to sound on the supplier of the Adriatic, gathers with of Vala. A totality to try they to capture the Adriatic which they think, to be their best chance counters of Ori. Meanwhile SG-1 must find a kind to save Teal' C (judges de Christopher) which is captured and tormented by alliance by Lucian. If the suppliers of Chulak SG-1 make of Bra' attached still white TAC (Amendola elegantly), while trying to defend and also to save of Ori in the vicinity with Daniel the planets of Jaffa which they hope are still alive.

Yeah, the SGC is screwed. They can't even beat the Ori's suppliers. And I'm not sure I want to know anything about the "vertical drains of rapid in a young person."

July 7th, 2006, 07:00 PM
Will be the time of the reunion of elder [klachchov] of secondary school for SG-1 Of cameron Mitchell, type '87, which assumes Vala forward to Kansas as its date. There it anew connects with the old friends as the Darrell Of grimes, and by its crush the Amy Of vanderburg of elder [klachchov] of secondary school, “one which obtained away” (is first mentioned in “the influence of pulsation”). Amy will be most beautiful, wholesome by girl in her last existing thirties, [nedavn] of divorced (and). Darrell is counted Vala very of intriguing, and in proportion to fist and Amy [priznavayutsya] their elder [klachchy] of secondary school they [zadavlivayut] on themselves, is which Colonel is obtained [telefonnyya] call from the command Of stargate: Carter and Teal'c were attacked, and someone can come afterward it.

Fun in Russian!

July 7th, 2006, 07:22 PM
Oh my. This one has been thoroughly mangled in several languages, but at least now it's hysterical. ;)

Real World:

One awakes in a hospital out of cd. of Washington, medical of psichiatria of the dam Elizabeth (of the Higginson Turns) is attacato the discovery, his whole experiment of Atlantis in past two which them years is only its matter of imagination of imagination. Doc. Fletcher (arran Ruck) assistance with his the psychiatrist, it learned the murders it promises in marriage them to be left it and suffers the neurosis from imagination in a state close to schizophrenia from anxieté the incident of traffic. Did the force with this new reality, the stopping join the calls of agreement (senior of the Richard Anderson) of his/her mother and General Jake Onions, guaranteed it it had never smelled a program of Stargate? Atlantis loses the city. When it starts to take its part of life, it continues to have with the unstable vision to inform it, it must return Atlantis. In Atlantis, the pressures of the team not hardly the vigilance of night of the bases is the stopping of stupor, of effects infected of the nanites of Replicator received its body and brains quickly. (Paulo McGillion) and Doc. medical lieutenant John Sheppard of supports of emotion of address of Carson Beckett (Flanigan high), the relative colonel finally is made through Weir decided that the medical one preserves and the direction of discovered returns the real world.

Dam Elizabeth... and she's a guy, now?? And now there are promises of murders and a marriage, and who the hell is Jake Onions?? Maybe he can't smell the program of Stargate because of the overpowering odor of himself. And if Atlantis loses the city, that'd be a pretty huge development.

When did Shep get his medical degree?? All those years of playing doctor must have finally paid off...

July 7th, 2006, 07:27 PM
Oh my. This one has been thoroughly mangled in several languages, but at least now it's hysterical. ;)

Real World:

Dam Elizabeth... and she's a guy, now?? And now there are promises of murders and a marriage, and who the hell is Jake Onions?? Maybe he can't smell the program of Stargate because of the overpowering odor of himself. And if Atlantis loses the city, that'd be a pretty huge development.

When did Shep get his medical degree?? All those years of playing doctor must have finally paid off...

It kinda reminds me of some Jung I've read, actually...


And now for some doubly mangled "Insiders"

Continuous Poichè SG-1 to mount indizii to the place of the old arm evasive that it could defeat the gold, a vase of the foreign stria in the atmosphere of the land for the order of Stargate (S.G.C.). When the vase does not answer to the hail, is gone off for low e lands of the apprehension. To all the surprise, the pilot is not nobody except Baal (reef Simon). Baal informs SG-1 that its clona, that one that the end had generated to help it, rivoltando of the hour of meeting to it and are trying dae (automatic device of entrance) of SG-1 in the persecution it stop low e in the cancellation it. In the exchange, the key promises to help the SG-1 that is supplied it stops finding it the planet in which the old arm it situated. To changed customer who clona of Baal could turn the position of the arm for the gold, the square that insiemi to the blockage of clona of the work and to load it of new to the S.G.C. Soon, it has 20 almost that clona of Baal in the insulation to the S.G.C., to support whole number to be the real Baal. Before the members of the square can extract all the useful information of the clonano, fuoriescono -- Stargate of commands of the rotation in a battlefield.

Apparently this episode is about a vase of the foreign stria. It's located in the atmosphere of the "land for the order of Stargate," aka SGC. Also we visit the low e lands of the apprehension (sounds a bit dangerous). I'll have to call a point deduction for the double negative, though.

July 7th, 2006, 08:55 PM
Where it all began. The start of the Children of the Gods summary via Korea:

The jack sun this planet Abydos ("Stargate" motion picture) as the jack O'Neill and Daniel archeologist "Stargate" the ancient times foreign nation artificial water which calls, above 1 years are supplied afterwords colonel who destroys the ra inside American army mountain providing which is not used from the deep place they sit. The group of the air force personnel in the end table inside the dismissal of a class playing card which it bites sits. The room the fact that it shakes, the Stargate Hwag other rises with an activity quickly. The wormhole the group of ten foreign nation military personnels, inside the venomous serpent armor, until end comes from a first and inside fighting it engages the military personnel. Different number from first until end the armor thing -- steps inside -- golds and with him the door it leads and the woman superior it withdraws.

Not sure how "foreign nation artificial water" comes into it, but I love "from the deep place they sit".

July 8th, 2006, 06:35 AM
It is in the city of Atlantis a typical Sunday, as Dr. Elizabeth Weir and her/its/their people tackles her/its/their everyday business. A good-looking young scientist, Mike Branton, finds day Elizabeth her/its/their with the work in her/its/their office from. Mike is obviously beaten with the leader of the expedition, and fights an arduous fight if he/it takes the trouble to convince her/it/them to go to lunches with him/it. Elizabeth has a personal rule under her/its/their against dating people, but Mike persuades her/it/them that there is nothing wrong with eating lunches at the same table. While "not her a date", that the charming man starts to wear out her/its/their signs, and even kisses her/it/them. She/it seems, accelerated to him/it, but decides, that she/it cannot allow a potential romance to bloom. She/it is protected by the unpleasant situation if the control tower radios she/it:

this is from the episode sunday in german and back

After their provisional alliance with the Wraith fails, the team of Atlantis has to find a way of stopping two Wraiths lives in community ships that are led for Earth. Dam (Towers Higginson) the orders Colonel Caldwell (Mitch Pileggi) to attach the beehive sends using the Daedalus and the Orion before she is orderly to return to Earth to give account of the failures of his/her team. Sheppherd (Joe Flanigan) that it was able to survive closing with the latch his/her F-302 to the peel of a ship of Wraith it is forced to count on a Michael now ostracized (Connor Trinneer) to help McKay to save him/it (David Hewlett) and Ronon (Jason Momoa) that you/he/she has been holding imprisoned from the Wraith. Ronon and McKay are able to free them from their jails of cocoon with a plan to sabotage the ship in a last action of heroism. All the plans collide as the Daedalus and Orion you hock the beehive it sends while Sheppard, McKay and Ronon he/she anchors I am on board.

and this is no mans land to italian and back

July 17th, 2006, 03:51 AM
"200" into Spanish and back...

Martin Lloyd (Willie Garson) the returns the S. G. C. seeking aid of SG-1 with its hyphen of the characteristic. The team is reluctant, especially Lt. The colonel Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder), that is touched about its then mission from a distance world that marks the trip 200 by the horizon of the event. Nevertheless, when technical technical failures prevent the team of that of world of gating, they are stalled in the room of meetings under the orders of Landry General (Bridges Suitors), because the Pentagon believes that a successful movie of science fiction about the trip of hole of intergalatic will serve as a theme of good front to maintain the Stargate Programs a secret.

The session of notes, nevertheless, delegates quickly in the members of the team that throw their own versions of a successful movie of science fiction -- inclusive tributes to THE MAGICIAN OF OZ, ARDUOUS DAY of STAR, a SG younger and more nervous-1, and even a wedding that represents the return of Jack OR' Neill General (Dean of Richard Anderson).

Hey, this is fun...

"The Shroud" into Russian and back... (although some bits stayed in Russian, and aren't coming up here...)
Mitchell, the Carrier, ???, and Vala visits(attends) other world where to one more village of people have come nearer Previous of Ori. They speak with the rural leader, ??????? which explains, that Previous recently has visited them and spoke convincingly about Ori religions.

The command(team) is curious to learn(find out) from ????????, that it is specific Previous should do(make) nevertheless any threats, that the village will face to death and destruction if they refuse to follow the Origin. Instead of it, it(he) uses " soft, sell " a method ???????????, dividing(sharing) only benefits and positive advantages of the Origin as one true path to rescue.

When it is declared, that Previous has come back for their answer, SG-1 takes a covering to disappear from him(it). The shrouded person (man) goes in village and asks at ???????? his(its) answer. First SG-1 cannot see his(its) person but when they do(make) they are stunned: With white hair, the pale person, and dairy eyes transformed Previous, it - ?????? ???????. "

The Previouses of the Ori will destroy all who refuse to bow down!