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July 2nd, 2006, 11:04 AM
NOTE: This thread does contain spoilers and resolutions for all season two episodes, and perhaps some season one ones as well. Don't read this unless you've already read the episodes.

I still can't seem to figure out how to create polls, so I'm hoping this thread can be turned into one. Basically, this is the place where you can pick and choose your favorite or least favorite episode(s) of season two, or even perhaps rank all 24. Hopefully it will make for interesting discussion. Below is a list of each episode and a short blurb about each in case some aren't so fresh in your mind.

2.01 A Time to Rise
As a stronger Vorian prescense is established aboard Horizon, Commander De'van Callen takes command of the station as Grant assumes complete control over Horizon-1. In the mean time, Captain David Connor and Colonel Grant are assigned a mission to infiltrate Enoly ranks undercover. When Kor'etan Gorlon recognizes them, they are taken to a harsh Enoly prison camp.

2.02 A Time to Survive
As the Kih'Andari attempt to strengthen their hold on Horizon, they threaten to use force to reach their ends. Knowing this will cause an all out civil war, De'van Callen does what he can to put an end to it. Meanwhile, David and Grant run into the previously lost Tom Galloway, and they hatch a daring escape plan. Callen manages to call a Kih'Andari bluff that ends the civil war... for the time being.

2.03 Connection
Security Chief Hiron Bay'lar makes his first appearance. Doctors Naik and Koyamata have discovered a way to dial the Earth gate from Horizon. When the station staff attempts to dial Stargate Command, a gate malfunction threatens to overload the station's reactor and blow the station into oblivion. Using the Valiant's shield to move the reactor to a safe distance, Horizon narrowly avoids destruction.

2.04 Troika
The Enoly begin to openly attack several Tok'ra bases, including the one on Lindaray at which Lenori and Kayla reside. As the Tok'ra refugees board Horizon, Callen and the team learn of the Enoly plans to take control of the base Selmak. Desperate to save critical Tok'ra research happening there, the Valiant is launched. Only after the Tok'ra launch a suicide run is their research saved, and the survivors move in aboard Horizon.

2.05 Providence
When Horizon-1 seeks out an important substance that could assist them greatly, they encounter a very religious society. When they encounter a group of miners being overworked, they eventually fall victim to the oppression of the society. With the help of a few locals, the miners and Horizon-1 manage to overthrow the oppressive, borderline-fanatic leader: Tey.

2.06 Valiant
An alien race known as the Rhazken board Horizon in order to establish some sort of trading relationship with the personnel there. When Grant, Callen, Tom, David, and Sato agree to give them a little joyride on the Valiant, the Rhazken reveal their true intentions. They take the Valiant and its crew hostage through use of the abilities their newly found Draque enzyme gives them. By overloading the railguns, David and Tom are able to thwart the terrorists and return home with potential allies.

2.07 What Comes Before the Dawn
After Callen's son contacts him with news regarding the deaths of several high ranking Vorian officials, Callen secretly makes a trip to Vorian to ensure his son's safety and learn the meaning of the recent happenings. Both Callen and Ma'kin are captured by Kih'Andari agents, and Callen soon encounters an old, borderline-psychotic friend. Callen and Ma'kin are rescued, but Varlis's fate is much less desirable.

2.08 The Fantastic Three
Jay Felger is brought aboard Horizon for his technical abilities, although his prescense does lead to a few malfunctions aboard the ship. Meanwhile, Arina Tey'vell also makes an enterance, and it isn't long before Chase, Felger, and Arina are beamed away and come in contact with Arina's "love," Arkalis. With the help of a Teluran, the three are able to avoid Arkalis and Dureg's grasp and return home to Horizon.

2.09 Parti Pris
While seeking out ingredients for one of Lenori's concoctions, Lenori, Grant, and Christine are abducted by Commander Sivok. Confused at first, the team soon learns that Sivok has put together a band of Draque known as the Army of Free Draque. Sivok seeks out Lenori's help, as many of his friends and brethren appear to be dying of some sort of ailment. Christine also becomes infected. Finally, Grant, Sivok, and Lonik learn that the virus is artificial, and one within their own ranks created it. They manage to kill Grenak and use his cure on Christine and the ailing Draque.

2.10 The Cold and Distant Stars
The Valiant encounters a ruined Kih'Andari vessel in space, and the personnel aboard Horizon is surprised to learn that its only occupant is former ally Day'ek Sonak. Sonak appears to have amnesia, although he does seem to recall the Kih'Andari having some sort of dissipation weapon. Sonak leads the team to an abandoned facility where Council Vahret corners them and it is revealed that Sonak's amnesia is the result of voluntary Cai'nan mind manipulation. The team escapes, but the anger in Sivea at Sonak's betrayal lives on.

2.11 The Devil to Pay
Horizon-1, Tom, and Lenori return to Earth in order to assist with the investigation of a chamber discovered in Malaysia that may have something to do with the four great races. Additionally, President Henry Hayes seeks out Grant's help after reprimanding General Williams for being a Kih'Andari agent. Things go horribly wrong when Chase and Sivea are captured, and Dureg announces on national television that if the ISGC is not shut down immediately, the people of Earth will be mercilessly enslaved and/or slaughtered.

2.12 Path of Revelation, Part One
Hoping to get to the bottom of a deal made between the Enoly and the Phoenix Coalition, Grant, Yusuf, and Williams attempt to track down Edmunds. Meanwhile, Chase and Sivea find themselves captive. In Malaysia, Tom, David, Christine, Moore, and Lenori discover an interesting second chamber. The plan to track down Edmunds fails when Williams is killed in a violent explosion.

2.13 Path of Revelation, Part Two
With no place left to go, Grant follows a hunch that takes him back to the chamber in Malaysia. Earth's fleet, led by the Bellerophon, prepares to face down the Enoly fleet in a battle that they cannot win. Christine finds herself in a strange alternate reality as she tries to translate a collection of writings. The experience ultimately claims her life, but she is revived when a Nebulan weapon destroys the Enoly fleet and brings her back to life.

2.14 Night Terrors
Back aboard Horizon, a strange device is brought back to Horizon. Soon after, the team begins to have unsettling dreams involving eerie settings, dead crewmembers, and a howling creature in constant pursuit. While the dreams only caused fatigue at first, the team realizes the extremity of the situation when crewmembers start dying. In an effort to save the crew, Sivea enters a sleep state and uses her abilities to discover the truth behind the dreams: they are created by seperate beings, trapped and slowly dying.

2.15 The Adversary
While returning to Horizon, Grant's shuttle is attacked by an Enoly ship and crash lands on the surface of a desert planet. Doctor Gardner and Grant attempt to stay alive despite their constant pursuit at the hands of the local creatures. Gardner eventually loses his life, but Grant finds an ally in a member of a new species of common Enoly. Kevahsh and Grant are rescued in the nick of time from certain death.

2.16 Convergence
Yusuf Naiyeer finally returns to Horizon after almost a year, almost completely recovered from his injuries at the hands of Kor'etan Gorlon. Also newly arrived is Doctor Michael Sullivan, an archaeologist bitter against Christine. Yusuf quickly gets to work on researching a device, but when it is accidently turned on it gives Yusuf both strange abilities and an attitude problem. When Christine and Sullivan get trapped inside a self destructing outpost, Yusuf attempts to forcefully save them despite his condition. He ultimately fails, but Christine and Sullivan find their own way out of the situation.

2.17 Amazing Grace
David Connor awakens to find himself alone in an abandoned metropolis, unable to remember anything. A large elctrical storm threatens to destroy the entire city, and David's life is in jeopardy. As he slowly remembers the events leading up to his current status, the images of both his best friend and wife assist him in trying to find a way out. On the brink of death, David realizes the importance of family as the Valiant rescues him from the destruction of the Apocalypse Project.

2.18 Journalist's Day
Zach Hoffmann sends a broadcast for the future back to Earth, detailing several crew interviews and reports. He details one particular instance in which Tomari Ve'las boarded the station, and Zach began to accuse her of being a Kih'Andari spy. While at first certain that she is in league with Vahret, Zach eventually learns the truth: Tomari is a double agent.

July 2nd, 2006, 11:05 AM
2.19 Aversion
When the team discovers an abandoned research facility, they are surprised to find an Enoly female in stasis. After some debate, they decide to unfreeze her and send her back to Horizon. Lenori forms a quick bond with the confused and seemingly unaggressive Enoly (who is named Rileen). Tom, however, must find a way to suppress the hatred he has been carrying for all Enoly. Both he and the Vorians hope to test an Enoly-killing weapon on Rileen, but Callen manages to sneak her off the station into the hands of Kevahsh's people.

2.20 Uprising
Elin contacts Horizon with news of Seeta's death. However, he also comes with better news that the Aschen Rebellion (which he has joined since their last encounter) is planning one final strike. Elin hopes that Horizon might perhaps assist them. After much consideration, Grant agrees and a daring plan is hatched. Grant is eventually captured, and questioned by a still-alive and brainwashed Seeta. Grant is rescued and the plan is successful, although Mollem, Seeta, and Elin all lose their lives in the process.

2.21 Catch 22
While looking for a new Tok'ra base, Horizon-1 stumbles upon a crashed and seemingly abandoned Enoly crusier. The crew appears to be dead at first, but Loral (recently made Mediator), shows up in response to the ships distress call. After trapping Horizon-1 and Beaumont in the command center of the ship, she demands a few Tok'ra from Callen in exchange for the team's lives. Lenori ventures to the planet to stall for time so that the Valiant may rescue them, but Loral captures and escapes with him. His sacrifice is not in vain, as the hostages all survive, save Beaumont and Horizon-3.

2.22 In Times of Despair
With tensions rising between the Kih'Andari and the Vorian, President Adari selects Callen to negotiate with Council Vahret aboard Horizon. Meanwhile, Bay'lar tries to patch things up with Sivea before the approaching Vorian Day of Renewal. A brainwashed spy is discovered aboard Horizon, and the negotiations end with tensions being higher than ever.

2.23 Preemptive Strike
During David Connor's promotion to Major, Sivok and Lonik make an appearance on Horizon to warn the crew of a massive Enoly crusade. Using a weapon attached to the Ancient biosphere, the Enoly plan to invade the Milky Way galaxy and destroy all who oppose them. Sivok, Lonik, Tom, and Horizon-1 use their newly found Enoly cruiser to infiltrate the biosphere and destroy its capabilities, but the cruiser is destroyed, stranding them on the planet unknowingly. Meanwhile, Dureg reveals himself to be alive.

2.24 Revolution
Gorlon captures Grant and Horizon-1 while Sivok and Lonik reveal a possible way to rescue the team. Meanwhile, the humans, Vorians, Tok'ra, and Jaffa build up a fleet in order to stop the massive biosphere in its tracks. The team finds Lenori aboard the biosphere, although he is without Marcai. A large battle with the biosphere claims the life of Supreme Commander Vre'nan, but the attack is successful and the team is beamed off the sphere just in time. On Enola, Dureg explains that this is only the beginning of Loral's path to absolute power. On Vorian, De'sya Kaemin reveals to Callen the only way to end the upcoming civil war. Some time after the biosphere is destroyed, the Vorians declare war as a Kih'Andari fleet approaches Horizon.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.:)

Alex Rubit
July 2nd, 2006, 12:09 PM
I've added a poll. And the nice thing about it is, you can vote for up to three episodes.

Also looking forward to hearing your thoughts. :)

Elite Anubis Guard
July 7th, 2006, 06:24 AM
I think I'm gonna have to go with Valiant. Lol. Nah, kidding. I don't know really. I loved alot of the earlier episodes in the season.

Elite Anubis Guard
July 9th, 2006, 05:02 AM
I thought the first half of the season has been the strongest with a lot of great episodes-Although I wasn't too fond of Parti Pris. I did think the second half was pretty weak, apart from episodes like Path of Revolution and the last five episodes. I think you've had a really great season and it'd be hard to choose my favorite.

Lt. Colonel Ryu Gaia
July 15th, 2006, 04:16 PM
I'd agree that the second half had quite a few weak episodes (Night Terrors, Convergence, Journalist's Day, Aversion, and Uprising). But it did have some extremely strong ones! (Path of Revelation Part II, The Adversary, Amazing Grace, Catch 22, In Times of Despair, Preemptive Strike, Revolution)

It's extremely hard to choose (for me, it could be any one of either Troika, Valiant, What Comes Before the Dawn, The Cold and Distant Stars, The Devil to Pay, Path of Revelation Part II, Amazing Grace, In Times of Despair, Revolution), but I voted Amazing Grace (which I still maintain should have been called Coup d'Grace). Dazzling second season, though. :)

Joe Hodkiss
July 15th, 2006, 10:56 PM
I'd agree that the second half had quite a few weak episodes (Night Terrors, Convergence, Journalist's Day, Aversion, and Uprising). But it did have some extremely strong ones! (Path of Revelation Part II, The Adversary, Amazing Grace, Catch 22, In Times of Despair, Preemptive Strike, Revolution)

It's extremely hard to choose (for me, it could be any one of either Troika, Valiant, What Comes Before the Dawn, The Cold and Distant Stars, The Devil to Pay, Path of Revelation Part II, Amazing Grace, In Times of Despair, Revolution), but I voted Amazing Grace (which I still maintain should have been called Coup d'Grace). Dazzling second season, though. :)

I can't really pick out a favourite episode unfortunately. Most of what I'd consider to fit the bill has already been mentioned, so I won't bother to repeat what has been said already.

But just addressing the worst of the season comment up above.

I've got to say I think "Uprising" is definitely the least satisfying episode I've personally worked on to date. The story certainly had potential but I was never really completely content with the outline as we went to script (time issues mainly, if I recall correctly).

But it was also our first attempt at that type of episode. How there's two timeframes that we continually visit throughout the story (BSGs done a few of them to date). I hope you get what I mean by that. :sheppard:

Dealing with that type of story meant things were pretty complicated in the planning stages. At least more complicated than usual anyway, as opposed to dealing with a more linear story.

Id like to finish by saying it was a learning experience. Something I hope we can work on if/when we do a similar format of story in the future.