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June 30th, 2006, 09:37 PM
From the Arizona Republic:


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There's hope on the horizon for sci-fi fans, and it's all on cable

Jul. 1, 2006 12:00 AM

Answering your TV questions:

Reg Felt of Chandler writes in part to say that while he notes I was sorry to see ABC cancel Invasion, he was equally disappointed that NBC got rid of Surface. "The cutie-pie kid was believable and watchable," he says, "but the adults were maddeningly obsessive-compulsive, each in his own way. Invasion was the opposite: interesting, complex adults but forgettable kids."

Sorry, Reg. I'm glad you enjoyed it - I know others did as well - but I thought Surface was silly, kind of a latter prime-time version of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters (and no Johnny Whitaker, even).

But Reg, clearly a science-fiction fan, also asks if there are any other sci-fi shows coming up.

Good news. Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis both return to the SciFi Channel on July 14, at 9 and 10 p.m., respectively. OK, that was indifferent news; neither one is any great shakes, but they'll tide you over.

There are, however, more reasons to be hopeful.

The first is Psych, which premieres at 10 p.m. Friday on USA. It stars James Roday as a psychic who helps police solve crimes. Only he's not psychic at all - he's faking it. It may be stretching it a bit on the sci-fi front, but I love the concept, and it's nice to see The West Wing's Dulé Hill, who plays Roday's pal, find work so quickly.

What I'm really psyched for, if you'll excuse the expression, is Eureka, which begins at 9 p.m. July 18 on SciFi. It's about a town - called Eureka, of all things - in the Pacific Northwest that the government has secretly set up for super geniuses. In wanders Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), a U.S. marshal, by way of a car wreck. He's not stupid, but in this crowd, anyone would be by comparison.

So far I've only seen clips, but they were plenty good enough to make me look forward to seeing more.

Finally, Battlestar Gallactica, which has become The Sopranos of the sci-fi set, returns in October. So yes, Reg, despite both of us losing our shows, things are looking up.

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