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June 20th, 2006, 05:08 PM


First up, Moore explained the history of Stargate for those new to the series. "The original Stargate series, 'SG-1,' follows a military/scientific team who travel through the newly-discovered stargates to new worlds," Moore told CBR News. "It's a brilliant concept, because it allows you to do stories very much like the original Star Trek - first first contact stories, galactic intrigue - but but set in the present day.

"'Stargate Atlantis' follows a new team, a mixture of scientists and soldiers, investigating the lost city of the Ancients in a far-off galaxy. In the first season, when our story is set, they're cut off from home. But they have a whole new series of worlds to explore via the stargates."

Moore explained that "Wraithfall" stars the first-season cast of "Stargate Atlantis." "So, Lieutenant Ford is a regular character, but Ronan Dex has not yet joined the team (though I think there's a variant cover featuring him!)," said Moore. "The central character is Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, and the story grows straight out of his actions in the original pilot. For Rodney McKay fans, there's a lot of his bickering, whining, and scientific brilliance, too. He's a lot of fun to write."

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