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August 3rd, 2004, 12:04 PM
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SciFi Channel: Helping An Old Friend Get Back On Its Feet

by Scott Nance

We all seem to know at least one: a good friend or member of our family who lives a roller-coaster kind of life: for every major accomplishment they achieve, fate seems to deal him or her an equally terrible setback. They marry the perfect spouse, only to get laid off; they have a beautiful baby, only soon afterward to lose a beloved parent to a long terminal illness--that kind of thing. Nothing ever goes consistently right for them.

Sometimes their adversity is their own fault, and you need to repress the urge to slap ‘em for being so stupid. Other times, the hardship comes despite their best of intentions, and then you just want to be there and support them through the rough times.

That’s kind of how I think about the dysfunctional ups and downs of the SciFi Channel.

The folks there are always taking at least one step back for every step forward they make.

Look at what’s happened just in the last few weeks. The network rolled out the premiere of its latest original series, STARGATE ATLANTIS, to unprecedented ratings--the first time a SciFi series cracked the 4-million mark in viewership. But the SciFi honchos couldn’t bask long, though, before they were very quickly put on an embarrassing defensive when news broke that their supposed expose of the “secrets” of filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan was totally bogus. It was nothing but a fabrication that all the network executives had been in on as a publicity stunt--“taken one step too far” in SciFi chief Bonnie Hammer’s words--for Shyamalan’s new film, THE VILLAGE.

It’s been like that all along with SciFi Channel. A couple of years ago it was the masterstroke of acquiring the series STARGATE SG-1, only soon to be followed by the colossal mistake of killing off their other signature show, FARSCAPE.

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Elwe Singollo
August 3rd, 2004, 12:12 PM
Its not like Farscape was going to help Scifi in the rating department anyway, i can't comment on their storys and such, because i wasn't a fan, but i didn't read or hear anything about breaking records, but thats just me being lazy to find out, haha...