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August 2nd, 2004, 08:45 AM
From the SciFi Channel "Stargate SG-1" site:


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SCI FI Magazine season-eight feature "Who's the Boss?," with Richard Dean Anderson and Amanda Tapping interviews, posted online.

Who's the Boss?

Amanda Tapping and Richard Dean Anderson Get Promoted in a Season of Change on Stargate SG-1

By Thomasina Gibson

Exclusive from SCI FI Magazine, August 2004

"Season eight of Stargate SG-1. Who knew?" says Amanda Tapping.

Who knew, indeed, as at the end of seasons five, six and seven, the announcement that a further year would be forthcoming was made well after the show had actually wrapped and the cast were thinking of moving on to new pastures.

But amid much excitement, a flurry of frantic activity and a shooting schedule that would make a movie director weep, Stargate SG-1 is back for an eighth season. There'll be new baddies, new weapons and a new way of shooting the show — it's gone digital. Executive producer Robert C. Cooper's at the helm, the writers have been joined by a couple of new protégés and the team is determined to make this the best season ever. Cooper states, "We're all very excited about this year. We're basing a lot more stories around SGC [Stargate Command Center] partly because of the economics and also because SG-1 has become less of an exploratory unit and more of a defense. We're looking forward to the challenge of keeping our stories exciting and appealing and as interesting as they always have been from this new perspective."

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Anderson has no reservations that the dynamic between the members of SG-1 will remain intact. "I'm taking a lighter role this year in order to free some time to devote to other facets of my life, but no matter what happens with regard to our physical locations or what happens in the stories this year, SG-1 will remain a team. We always have been and always will be."

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