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May 19th, 2006, 09:28 PM
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(Starburst is a UK based scifi magazine. In the US, you may order online from the URL above. Or, check with your local Borders or Barnes and Noble Bookstores for the magazine. Allow time for the magazine to be shipped across the pond.)

Starburst Special #75, Doctor Who 2006
(Reference #S75)
Now Available

132 Fantastic pages!

Doctor Who (2000s)
We celebrate celebrate the second year of the BAFTA-award winning revival
• Stars David Tennant & Billie Piper We talk to the actors about the Tenth Doctor and Rose
• Actress Elisabeth Sladen Exclusive! The actress who played the Doctor’s companion Sarah Jane Smith talks about her return to the series
• Actor Noel Clarke Rose’s boyfriend Mickey finally joins the TARDIS crew and Noel couldn’t be happier!
• Actress Camille Coduri We chat to her about playing Rose’s down-to-earth mother!
• Exclusive! Voice artist Nick Briggs on giving voice to the Cybermen
• Exclusive! Writer Mark Gatiss talks about the challenges of setting his new episode, The Idiot’s Lantern, in 1950s London

Superman Returns Set Report!
We go behind the scenes on the summer’s hottest blockbuster
• Producer Gil Adler on why he’s delighted to be in the company of a superhero
• Actor Stephan Bender on playing the junior Clark Kent!
• Stars Brandon Routh & Kate Bosworth tell us ‘The whole movie hinges on the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane’

X-Men – The Final Stand
• Actor Ian McKellen discusses his magnetic role as the villainous Magneto!
• Actress Ellen Page talks about her roles in this movies and the powerful psychological drama Hard Candy
• Exclusive! Actress Anna Paquin on having a special place in her heart for the role of good mutant Rogue

And there's more...
Exclusive! Stargate Atlantis Art director James Robbins discusses creating monsters, machines and alien vistas for the hit Sci-Fi show!
Exclusive! Battlestar Galactica (2000s) Set decorator Jonathan Lancaster tells us why detail is crucial
Desperation Director Mick Garris and star Annabeth Gish discuss the new TV adaptation of a Stephen King novel
Sci-Fi Stars Blade Runner? 2001? Battlestar Galactica? We talk to the stars of Star Trek (old and new) and Farscape about their favourite Sci-Fi TV and movies!
Sci-Fi Gallery
Dazzling posters from our top features!
• Superman Returns
• Doctor Who – The Cybermen
• X-Men: The Final Stand

Trailer Park We take a sideways look at the trailer for the forthcoming movie release – this issue, the remake of classic Seventies chiller The Omen

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