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May 16th, 2006, 01:44 PM
Stargate Spin Off


The Orii are kicking ass and taking names in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Earth committee has come together with refugees from other worlds including Colona, to discuss the possibility of setting up an Alpha site in another Galaxy encase the Orii problem doesn’t get sorted. The idea was suggested to them by the Asguard after they where asked if they where aware of a 8 symbol gate address that Orlin had been writing all over the walls in care home he was now staying. The international committee was informed that the gate address did exist. The Galaxy was to be the next expansion of the ancients whom returned to earth from Pegasus. The Ancients abandoned the idea after the return of their first expedition party and the realisation of the true path to ascension. The Asgaurd informed the committee that there where very few gates and the humans of earth would have to continue to expand on the current gate system that is already present.

• The expedition is made up of people from earth and refugees from the Milky Way Galaxy
• On arrival and initial hook up of earth designed DHD they realise the gate system is far from been small and that someone had been busy expanding on the ancients original work
• Jonas Quinn will lead the expedition after the Orii’s destruction of Colona
• Each planet explored shows the presence of three main sentient species humans included
• The social interaction between people on each planet is very strange they appear to have been experimented on.
• I haven’t thought of a bad guy yet maybe u guys could help me