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August 1st, 2004, 12:36 AM
The SciFi Channel added a new section to the Stargate Atlantis site today:




Dr. Elizabeth Weir
Major John Sheppard
Lt. Aiden Ford
Dr. Rodney McKay
Teyla Emmagen

Aside from those above, the population of Atlantis, representing over a dozen countries of Earth plus people of the planet Athos, includes:

Bates, Sgt.
Head of security; part of initial excursion to Athos. (Dean Marshall)

Beckett, Dr. Carson
Medical doctor, scientist; discovered gene to which Ancient technology
responds. (Paul McGillion)

Grodin, Peter
Scientist (Craig Veroni)

Kavanagh, Dr.
Scientist (Ben Cotton)

Markham, Sgt.
Soldier (Joseph May)

Scientist (Fiona Hogan)

Stackhouse, Sgt.
A security and reconnaissance officer (Boyan Vukelic)

Zelenka, Dr.
Czech scientist (David Nykl)

(Edmond Wong)


Father of Jinto (Christopher Heyerdahl)

Child; son of Halling (Reece Thompson)

Young woman (Meghan Black)

Child; friend of Jinto's (Casey Dubois)




Richard Dean Anderson Fans

August 1st, 2004, 10:10 AM
And the Aline blog on Sci-fi'ss Atlantis site was alos updated...aparently

Annals of the Curator of the Feeding Grounds, in the first rotation of the New Awakening of the Wraith.

"Entry the third. The dance of departure is intricate, yet for now, my own tasks remain simple. There is much for me to record, but little for me to do until we begin to visit our feeding grounds.

"My kin finished our Awakening swiftly and then began a reckoning of our numbers in this hive. Twenty-four of us will never need food again: Most were killed by the pack of humans that invaded us, while several others were simply unable to Awaken. Their energies live on within us, however, giving us strength to avenge and honor them.

"Having Awakened our bodies, we began to awaken our hive itself, igniting its fuels and fires. We have slept so long that trees have grown over the hive as they would over a mountain. Surely this immensity of size and time must awe the weak-minded humans! To us, though, it is trivial: My predecessor thrice-removed wrote of Awakening from a great sleep to find his hive buried beneath a glacier on a planet that was much changed. Not even ice could freeze his hive's fires permanently, and mere trees mean nothing to us now.

"Indeed, as we depart, I feel the hive shudder and rumble beneath me, and, like all of us, I want to feed it, to feed ourselves, to make the hunger stop. Hunger is the great bane.

"If the void between stars were not the road we travel to our feasts, I would despise it. The blackness is a wasteland which devours energy for no purpose, and the stars peer at us like the dead eyes of starved ancestors. Still, as those cold lights slip past, I am growing pleased. We are going to the herds, where I will count and manage the culling, and where we will feed.

"Though I am thus focused on the journey ahead, I also wonder if the pack of humans will return to the planet where we so lately slept. Surely their blind animal arrogance will bring them nosing after us again. They will be cowed, however, by what we have left behind us. Our warriors await them, and other, more ancient threats prowl the forests there as well.

"It would be a nourishing thing to see those humans die."

P.S. so there are 24 of them?