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July 31st, 2004, 06:34 PM
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STARGATE SG-1 - "Zero Hour"
(Original air date 07-30-04)

Directed By: Peter Woeste
Written By: Robert C. Cooper


Jack doesn't even get off the elevator before right hand man Davis (Jones getting more dialogue in the pre-credits than he has in the entirety of the series) starts belting out what the day will bring, complete with a new assistant Alex P Keaton --wait sorry, the guy's name is Gilmour (played by David Kaufman, the voice of my new favorite Nickelodeon character, Danny Phantom), an ex-CIA analyst appointed to SGC by General Hammond. As Davis heads off to get to work, however, we learn that Gilmore isn't exactly playing straight with O'Neill. Guy's working for someone.

**snippity doo-dahh**

Season Eight is quickly turning into one of the best seasons of STARGATE SG-1, and teamed with ATLANTIS, Sci Fi Channel has proved MSX's own Scott Nance dead on: there is still a place where sci fi geeks can get their fix of great genre television, even though network television can't figure out how to keep a show on the air. There is an oasis in this desert folks, and it's STARGATE.


O'Neill (in a phone conversation with Hammond): "General, how are you?...I know, sir, but every time I open my mouth to say 'George', 'General' comes out."

O'Neill: "Knock twice when you're ready to talk like adults."

Ambassador: "You don't expect us to share one room!"
O'Neill: "Not amicably, at first."

O'Neill (to Gilmour on the ire of the delegates): "Did they try the doughnuts? You made sure they were Krispy Kreme, right?"

Lee (talking about the plant, which has now overrun the lab): "The good news is it hasn't eaten anyone yet."

Gilmour (on Camulus): "I thought you were just gonna question him."
O'Neill: "He didn't have the right answers."

Camulus: "In spite of what you might think, I am not a coward."
O'Neill: "I think ya are."

O'Neill (in his letter to General Hammond): "If I had known what it was really like, I would have tried to be less of a pain in the ass."

O'Neill: "Before you know it, you'll have ol' Camel Ass back in your grubby little mitts."
Baal: "You dare mock me?"
O'Neill: "Come on now, me mocking you? Of course I dare."
Gilmour (after Baal's hologram disappears): "Is it wise to provoke him?"
O'Neill: "It's what I do."

O'Neill (to SG-1): "It's a great story. More importantly...did Anubis leave anything cool behind?"

O'Neill (on the potential threat should Baal figure out the ZPM): "I gave him the dead one. It's worthless, right?"
Carter: "Baal's gonna be pretty pissed at Camulus."
O'Neill (pleased): "Yeah."

Next week - "Icon" Daniel Jackson takes the spotlight as he's stranded on an alien world. To make matters worse the sudden appearance of SG-1 has sparked a civil war and Daniel has to contend with that by himself.




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Elwe Singollo
July 31st, 2004, 09:48 PM
I loved all those quotes they listed :D

Erik Pasternak
August 2nd, 2004, 06:13 PM
I loved all those quotes they listed :DI agree, especially the one with "ol' Camel Ass."