View Full Version : Atlantis fanfic challenge

July 31st, 2004, 01:59 PM
I'm not sure if this should be posted somewhere else but could find any other place to post it.

After watching 38 mins I thought of a nice story challenge to go along with the episode. ok here goes:

1) Mainly just fill in some of the blank spots the episode left out like what happened after Sheppard ran into the web looking thing, what happened after the wraith left, how found Sheppard, how they got him back, an dstuff like that.
2) If the bug might have left some kind of slow acting poison in the Major and they don't discover it, ur own reasons why, until much later, preferable off world, and must find a way to save him.

The 2nd one should be at the very lest two chapters long. Should have at lest all of the SGA off world team in there (Sheppard, Mckay, Ford, and Tayla) please inform me of wear you will be posting it.

Enjoy and have fun. :D