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July 30th, 2004, 06:05 PM
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Those of you who attended Gatecon will remember the amazing props and costumes put on display by Legends Memorabilia. Many of those items are now being sold in a huge auction on eBay which features items such as Sam and Jack’s wedding photo from “Point of View”, the Eye of Ra, Jack O'Neill’s warning note from “2010” and costumes worn by Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Jonas and Janet.


Here are the details from Legends Memorabilia:

To celebrate the beginning of a brand new season of STARGATE SG-1, as well as the birth of STARGATE ATLANTIS, MGM Worldwide Television and Legends Memorabilia are delighted to bring you a brand new SG-1 SPECIAL EVENT AUCTION SALE!

This sale includes approximately 200 of the most outstanding props and costumes that have ever been released by the studio. So good in fact, that we feel this will be one of the most popular STARGATE ‘set' auctions that we have ever held! Here are some of the highlight items to look out for:

The original ‘Eye of Ra’ prop

O'Neill’s note that came through the gate in ‘2010’

A working T.E.R. gun!

The spectacular ‘bomb’ device that was featured in ‘Proving Ground’ (this is a working prop)

Daniel Jackson’s resignation letter - actually written by Michael Shanks himself!

A Goa'uld healing device (this is a working prop)

‘THE’ O'Neill/Carter wedding photo from ‘Point of View’!

Naquada reactor (working prop)

The ‘transportation device’ used in Paradise Lost (this is a working prop)

Spectacular black stone tablet from ‘Chimera’

BRAND NEW Studio Concept Art (we are releasing the exclusive #1/100 prints from the new editions!)

Some great costumes worn on the set by: JACK O'NEILL, DANIEL JACKSON, SAMANTHA CARTER, TEAL'C, JONAS QUINN and more....including Janet Fraiser’s costume from “Heroes”!

From the Studio Publicity Department we have a superb selection of rare and unusual items including:

Rare, collectible magazines and Press Kits featuring Stargate SG-1.

Episode ‘Shooting Schedules’

Signed script pages

Autographed props, photos and design art

And many many more fantastic items!

The auction begins on July 30th and will run for 3 weeks with new items being added every day!

Special update notice concerning Stargate auctions

In the future, our new auction policy will be to run just 2 to 3 Stargate auctions per year, subject to availability of the release of the items from the studio. With this in mind, don’t miss this opportunity to get yourself something very special from this great series. Remember, most of the items on sale are one-of-a-kind ‘hero’ props and this may be the only chance you have to get that very special prop or costume.

As well as being highly collectible, we consider props and costumes used in the production of Stargate SG-1 to be wise investments. As this series continues its run as the leading Sci-Fi show on television and moves closer to legendary status, these items will become even more highly prized possessions in years to come.

We look forward to having you join us for this great event and for your convenience, you may click here to go directly to the auction information on eBay. Good luck in your bidding!