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July 29th, 2004, 12:54 PM
From Visimag:


(This is a UK SciFi Mag. For those in the US, you can order online from the link above, or check with your local Borders or Barnes and Noble Bookstores and ascertain if they have the magazine available.)

TV Zone #179, August 2004
(Reference #T179)
Now Available
Biggest-Ever Issue - 100 pages


Doctor Who Executive producer and writer Russell T Davies tells us about his plans for the BBC’s revival of Doctor Who 2005.


Concept artist Bryan Hitch on the look of the new series…
Farscape: Peacekeeper War What can we expect from the upcoming mini-series? Star Ben Browder gives us a piece of his mind…

Stargate Atlantis We interview the designers behind the new spin-off series – with exclusive production art!

Timeslip stars Spencer Banks, who played boy hero Simon in the classic children’s Sci-Fi series, and Thunderbirds legend David Graham, who played Simon’s older self…

24 Paul Blackthorne, aka evil ex-spy Stephen Saunders, talks to us about typecasting, sending seven weeks playing cricket, and how the crew shoot all those phone conversations…


Episode Guide Angel We present our complete guide to Season Three of the hit Vampire show…

Flashback Blake’s 7 Blake’s crew tangles with the Terra Nostra in the classic episode Shadow

Deep Thought We cast our eye over the schedules and ask: is new technology changing the way we watch TV?

Retro Our continuing history of television reaches the 1962-63 season, as we examine The Beverly Hillbillies.

Primetime on The Jury, with regular TV reviews (over 15 episodes!), merchandise reviews, news and much more…

Price: $6.99

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There is a photo of a SGA production artwork.

<<Stargate Atlantis
• Discover the design secrets of the Pegasus galaxy, as we interview the designers behind the new spin-off series. Includes exclusive production art and concepts!>>




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