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July 27th, 2004, 11:13 AM
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Emotional Resonance & Rocket Launchers:
Some Reality Was Just Not Meant To Be Virtual

by Scott Nance

So, I'm sitting in the hotel bar, nursing my Heineken, when in walks
a squad of Stormtroopers, marching purposefully, as only
Stormtroopers do. They're followed by a group of loud Klingons. And
the Klingons are trailed by a Jaffa.

No, I'm not trying to set up an attempt at geek humor; I don't have a
nerdy punchline. And, no, the hotel where I'm sitting is not a
Holiday Inn across the street from a major Hollywood studio.

The hotel happens to be a very comfortable, homey Marriott inn
outside Baltimore, Md., where I and 1,700 of my closest friends have
gathered. This is the weekend of Shore Leave 26, one of the oldest,
best fan-run scifi conventions on the East Coast.

Aside from us fans, a number of writers and novelists, including
Peter David, are here. Cirroc Lofton, Jake Sisko from STAR TREK: DEEP
SPACE NINE, is here. Teryl Rothery, Dr. Fraiser of STARGATE SG-1, is
here. And—Boy, oh boy!—Mercedes McNab, Harmony from BUFFY and ANGEL,
is here.

**snippity doo-dah**

Sigh. Now just try downloading that kind of experience off the




Richard Dean Anderson Fans

July 27th, 2004, 02:38 PM
A Stormtrooper, a Klingon, and a Jaffa walk into a bar.
The Stormtrooper and Jaffa are killed before they get through the door?

July 27th, 2004, 08:58 PM
well that is wierd....i'd like a follow up on this....to acutally understand what's it all about...or will someone vulantere to expalin?