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July 26th, 2004, 10:43 AM
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What's on the Boob Tube This Week
by Tara O'Shea

Monday 7/26: If you haven't checked out ATLANTIS because youre feeling a bit lost, what with seven seasons of STARGATE SG-1 to catch up on, might I suggest partaking of SciFiChannel's weekly marathon of five episodes in a row, every Monday? It may melt your brain, but in a better way than, say, better than FOR LOVE OR MONEY...

Friday 7/30: O'Neill misses George Hammond on STARGATE SG-1 this week. A lot. And STARGATE ATLANTIS continues to grow on me, as fun summer-time fluff. This week, a drinking game will no doubt be born, regarding how many plots strand team members in the Puddlejumper. It could be worse. Remember VOYAGER's penchant for destroying shuttles?

Sunday 8/1: George has a very bad day on DEAD LIKE ME. Granted, the guy selling the Kitchen Guillotines at the mall? His day, technically worse. Also, Rube proves he knows how to run a shell game, Mason proves he doesn't know how to run a shell game, and if you miss Dr. Frasier from SG-1 (Teryl Rothery), she starts a recurring stint as a real estate agent in this episode, in which Joyce is forced to sell the house, a fact which thrills neither Reggie nor George.




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