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March 17th, 2006, 10:32 AM
From a Titan Magazines e-zine:


(Dreamwatch is now published in both the UK and the US. Check their

http://www.titanmagazines.com/titanmag/app for more information.).

dreamwatch #18 is on sale March 21 and is packed with all the latest
news, interviews and reviews! This month we speak with Natalie
Portman and Hugo Weaving about the controversial V For Vendetta, and
we tip-toe around the gore on the set of Slither. Plus, Jared
Padalecki and Jensen Ackles explain why Supernatural can run and run…


Lost's castmembers have been invited to extend their contracts for an
additional season, but with no guarantees about their characters'
long-term survival. With the existing cast now more firmly locked in
place, at least one new as-yet-unidentified regular character seems
set to be introduced later in season three.

X-Men: The Last Stand will complete the trilogy of X-Men films, but
Fox studio chief Tom Rothman has not ruled out the return of Marvel's
mutant superheroes. Rothman has confirmed that development is
underway on a solo Wolverine movie set to star Hugh Jackman, as well
as a solo Magneto film.

The Village actress Bryce Dallas Howard has been cast as tragic
heroine Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3.

V For Vendetta
The controversial film adaptation of Alan Moore's seminal graphic
novel finally comes to cinemas and dreamwatch was on the London set
to talk to stars Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving about the
difficulties of working with a masked hero and the political
controversy surrounding the film. Plus, director James McTeigue talks
about making his mark with this high profile directorial debut.

With the adventures of the ghostbusting Winchester brothers currently
hotting up TV screens, creator and executive producer Eric Kripke
explains why the super-cool Supernatural can run and run. Plus, we
talk to the two lead actors who Kripke credits for the show's
success - Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Chris Carter
He created the biggest sci-fi TV phenomenon of the 1990s… but what
exactly has The X-Files creator Chris Carter been up to since then?
The elusive writer/producer reveals the truth behind his latest
projects, including the long-mooted second X-Files movie and why he
feels the show never 'jumped the shark.'

Stargate: Atlantis
David Hewlett, the scene-stealing actor behind Dr. Rodney McKay opens
the gate on what lies in store for the crew of Atlantis.

Ghost Whisperer
With the surprise success story of the television season on their
hands, the star, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and executive producer, John
Gray, explain what sets their spirited whispering apart.

The star of Invasion, Eddie Cibrian, takes a break from E.T. hunting
in the Everglades to talk about what makes the show such a compelling
human drama amidst the glowing lights in the water.

Director James Gunn and star Nathan Fillion extricate themselves from
the on-set goo and gore to pitch their hardcore take on
reinvigorating the horror genre.

dreamwatch Magazine #18
On Sale March 21!