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March 12th, 2006, 08:28 PM
Camelot spoiler
The people of Camelot said King Arthur and his men went to search the Bloodstone(Anti-Ori weapon ) and they went to three distant land.

I think may be one of the distant land is the planet of S3 "Demons"
The "Demons" planet were similar Earth's middle age ,christian Europe, the same culture and historical level as Camelot.

At the very least ,i think Merlin had something to do with that world as well.
In the last decade ,SGC only find two Chirstian world , Camelot and "Demons"planet are the only middle age (dark age)chirstian European world .
And that lighting ring use by Canon guy, it looks like a small DHD on a ring.A piece of Ancient tech?

Merlin brought the people from England to planet Camelot, and Arthur people went to find the Anti-or weapon.
"Pegasus project" spoiler
Morgan Lafey was a de-ascended Ancient,* and the children of Camelot re-enact the battle of Arthur and Mordred .

My theory is that Lafey fear the Anti-Ori weapon ,because it could kill Ancient as well, so she also set up an opposition to Merlin's force.
Mordred was Lafey's champion or son, may be father by Arthur.

Merlin and Lafey both set up planets with European Christian from that period and they battle it out.

SG1 never really explore that world ("Demons" planet), they were tied up by the villager and busy fighting that Goa'uld Unas.

March 12th, 2006, 11:44 PM
The people on that planet (or their ancestors at least) were brought there by the goa'uld. I doubt Merlin had anything to do with it.