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March 10th, 2006, 01:37 AM
Do you think what the Child in season 10 1st EP was telling the thruth about the ORI being good and they dont need follower's for power but the Ancient's do..? Ori demands ppl to accept orgin but.. this mean's there demandin follower's so they need followers for power.. and the Altians made all the humans but... the humans never even heard of the race Altians (Forgot name)
so i wouldnt think that the ppl believed in them... because they never heard of them... they new that there was ppl who was proberly million's of year's old but never new them as GOD's as the ORI they use power to heal and destroy... but the altians / Ancient's dont use the power's like that they wouldnt even help them selfs to defend them self's against the ori so dont you think who is good or bad The Ori Say that they Ascend there follower's but what happend that the prior what was shot in that Village? i didnt even see him ascend so that must prove they aint asending there follower's and to asend with the ancient's / altians you must get there urself IE (Colonel Pendagast) i recon he asended for takin his own life to save other's i think thats the most possible way to get ascend without havin all these power's as was show by daniel ascending but oma helped would Oma helpin Colonel Penagast?

why wont the ancient's defend them self's against them or help us fight them
and give us tech to defeat them once and for all ... i recon a ascended ancient will help us.. proberly Oma as shes already broke so many rules.

March 10th, 2006, 08:49 AM
Oma is in an eternal battle with anubis so she aint gonna be able to help out.

an acient did help out to fight the ori/prior by developing the brain jamming machine (so to spk) all be it hes now a fruitcake