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July 24th, 2004, 11:55 AM
From Zap2It:


TV Best Bets for Friday, July 30
By Courtney Potter

Stargate Atlantis
10:00 PM - SCI FI

Do you suppose the current government (or some secret arm thereof) actually has something akin to a Stargate? I wouldn't be surprised. Wouldn't it be cool to travel to different galaxies in the blink of an eye? I personally believe that we can't be the only "smart" beings out there. Then again, I used to listen to Art Bell's radio show -- I'm one of those whack-jobs your father warned you about. Anyhoo, John (Joe Flanigan) and the team continue to explore Atlantis, but are put in peril when their "puddle jumper" gets lodged in the Stargate. That can't be good ...




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