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March 2nd, 2006, 08:31 PM
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Stargate goes to Atlantis
by Garrett Godwin

Posted March 01, 2006

At the end of Stargate SG-1's season seven and beginning of season eight, the lost city known as Atlantis was found, setting the stage for the spin-off series, Stargate Atlantis. After its freshman season, the series became a massive hit that is holding its own. It follows a new team of explorers living in Atlantis, the lost city of the Ancients (located in another galaxy).
Like Stargate SG-1, they travel and explore new worlds while battling their main enemy, the Wraith. The team has also made themselves an enemy (sort of) to the Genii, humans dedicating to destroying the Wraith--at all costs.

**major snippage**

All through this season, the Wraith thought that Atlantis was destroyed. But in last week's episode, "Michael", things will go from bad to worse as season two wraps up this month. But not to fret. Stargate Atlantis has already been renewed for season three, and will return with new episodes this summer.

Season 1 is on out on DVD, and/or catch it every weekend in syndication. It is time to unlock the gate-- and go to Atlantis!

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