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February 26th, 2006, 03:56 PM
well not really any spoilers, but mentioning a few things about the city and the general show, and dont want to get told off by people! but frankly, anything about series 3 should be a spoiler!

I am no expert here, but I have watched practically everything with the name stargate in it, many many times, and I have been reading various things on this website, anyway, I just wanted to write my thoughts on the city, the show, and what I hope to see in the future.

for starters, what and why is Atlantis there?

It does not seem to be a military base as it would make sense for it to have munition factories, there is no reason for tall spires, apart from possible sensors, it would probably be more bunker, cover, armor, and basically hard points and weapons, and the ancients do not seem to like peace more than war. (more said below)

Also, if Atlantis was a science or production city, I am sure we would of found some sort of ship production place. I would like it, but I personally think it would be silly to in anything after series 2 to simply find a room that produces ZPM's.

It seems to me much more likly that everything about atlantis and the way it is set up, is that it is meant to be a much larger outpost, possibly a hub for the galaxy, maybe kind of like a embasy, it makes sense if you think about it, plenty of space where ships can load and unload, the large meeting room, briefing training/room straight near the stargate, and the general 'pleasent look' to the place, the city has got drones for self defence, I am guessing (although we have not see it) that they can destroy hive ships, but you would need a substantial ammount. It has also got the puddle jumpers, not really many, (sort of moving on to the next point) they really do not look like fighting ships, more like transports, to get people to places, for starters, the weapons need to be 'activated' (the pod that pops out), it just seems to be they are made for transporting people to and from Atlantis.

The defence satelite weapons... We have no way of knowing if this was developed prior (like using that word on stargate forums :) ) or after the wraith became a threat. I am guessing after as it is highly likly atlantis would have at least one array built on it for defence. (continue talking about weapons below...)

I am guessing the drones were meant to be mass produced as a simple all purpose weapon, I do not want to start a whole thread about whose technology is better... I have my own thoughts, but dont want to die track this, simply put, it is highly likly with the fact we have seen a gou'ald mother ship blown up in a couple of shots, that they thought this was all what is needed, and simply thought the only limitation in destruction is the number of drones available, but then came the hive ships... These things are huge! I am guessing that they thought that they are not moving anywhere fast, just need a quick way of destroying them, hence the laser weapon, I want to know if there are any other weapons that came in between...

now, about zpm's, maybe discover how they are made... We do not yet know if ZPM's can be mass produced like batterys, or if they take a long time to make, I am guessing produced not on mass, but by the hundred, If atlantis was under siege by 3 hive ships, and could only survive (ahh, my memory, was it 2 days or 2 weeks?), it is possible that 3 zpm's have some sort of chaining where power is cubed, or more likly just times by three (so either 6 days, or 6 months). If atlantis was years under siege, and rememember they gave up/got bored, not lost, so it does seem likly they had a almost unlimited supply of ZPM's

We really have no idea if they were good manufacturers, We know they build things on a big scale, but we really have no proof if they could build things quickly, although I would like to think they did! (as I am sure others here would), but it is pure speculation. If this is true, I would like to see tons of new things over the next few series such as actual military cities/outposts, loads of new ships, I mean propour war ships, We have not seen anything yet, and this is again a educated guess, but I am sure that the orion will be armed, with self destruct! and drones, I want to see possible bigger ships armed with both,

Also, I would like to see personal mass produced fighters that shoot either a slightly toned down version of the weapon from trinity (maybe powered by ZPMs, could be as poweful, but take a long time to reload :S, or drones, but simply store more, fire more than PJ's, or maybe a lower powered laser, although this would be awkward with fast moving targets, but the fighters could go faster, turn better, and basically be a good combat unit, and be more like fighters than the PJ's. maybe powered by ZPMs so they could have slow loading trinity type weapon for small ships and laser type weapon for bigger ships. Imagine finding a carrier ship with 50+ of these ships :)

There is a lot to still discover, and as I hope, there is no way to know if in the future ZPM's are not a problem, who says they wernt for the ancients, there could be hundreds in a store room somewhere! the ancients did not run out of resources, or loose, they gave up. there must be other 'buried' treasure (like atlantis) somewhere in the galaxy!

Anyway, What I hope to see now, is possible other weapons, diffrent strength lasers? maybe smaller diffrent type drones? More ships (as above), I want to get to the point where ZPM's, or the lack of are not a factor (as above), Maybe more allies, find more useful technology that can be re-used(the green personal shield was COOL, was there only one!?), alive ancients somewhere, more outposts, more hubs.. (if my theory above is right about atlantis being a hub, then maybe ones in other galaxys (could be another spin off show, highly unlikly though!

Anyway, it is funny to write this, and read other peoples posts, how we all imagine a whole universe of story lines, history, and future all about a made up show! I just love it, and the writers should be really really proud of themselves about the depth that the stargate universe has.

Sorry everyone about spelling mistakes and general repeativness in this post, and the length! it is 1:00AM here, and I have been wanting to say some of these things for ages, but thought it would be silly making small posts from time to time, so I made one large post covering everything about the show, my ideas for the future... and blablabla! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this if you could be bothered to read it all!