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July 23rd, 2004, 12:58 PM
This is something I'm writing for fun.

We are the Ancients. Once we strode the galaxy like a titan. There are few left of us now.
Our origin was on Terra, there we grew learned in knowledge and power, but the planet of our birth did not have all the resources we needed. Our society was failing because we lacked raw matirles. We used our few remaing resources and our knowledge and built a network of Stargates to go to other worlds for resources. We put our gates on worlds with simmaler conditions as our home so we could breath as freely there as on Terra.

Our society then entered a golden age. We learned to heal almost every ill and injury. At our greatest we could reverse death itself. Our minds touched the heart of the universe and our hands became instruments of healing. For over a million years we evolved our minds and bodies. We could live as long as we wished to. We grew complacement in our evolution. We stopped advancing, because we had all that we could wish there was no need to learn more. A part of our society decided that what we as a race needed was something to challenge us. We started exploring other galaxies and met other races; three races were advanced enough to sit as equals. They were The Asguard, The Nox, and The Ferlings. We built a great hall on a world that would support our physical needs and met there to discuss matters great and small. On worlds with no higher life we took a part of ourselves and mixed it with the life that was there. On our home Terra we noticed that a new life form had emerged, and it appeared to have great potential to evolve into something like ourselves. The great counsel of our people met and decided that we would leave our home and give this new form time to grow without interference, we tore down or moved our cities from our homeworld and sent them across this galaxy. We built one city near the strongest magnetic poll of terra; we spent a million years watching this new breed grow. The were like us in a more primitive form. We decided to help this race in its distant future. We gave some race a piece of ourselves, wove it into there bodies, in every cell. We decided that it was time for us to depart our home completely. An age of ice was coming. We chose to move our city- our greatest achievement to another galaxy.

We arrived and chose a world of water. It was rich in materials under its seas. We began to spread life through this new galaxy, placing a stargate on each world we did.

The new creature that we encountered with grey skin are an abomination. They take the life from other creatures and make it there own. Even we are not immune to them. The are a plague on us. We have made a regretful decision- we helped unleash is abomination upon this galaxy; we are changing our bodies so that we will take the wrath out when we die. The race on Terra is to the point of building great cities. Some of us will go back home, some of us have learned to ascend, to become something greater and give up our bodies. Many of us are doing that- but some cannot give up there love of there bodies. The last of us have chosen to end as much of the abominations spread as we can. We have left our legacy in our home galaxy for when the new race of Terra evolvs and grows. Our knowledge awaits them.

July 23rd, 2004, 01:08 PM
I'm just going to move this to the fan fic folder.