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July 21st, 2004, 12:56 PM
The fifth thread dedicated to the indisputable hotness that is RDA/Jack/Mac is now open! Grab your survival kit from the cart and step right on in ladies the waters are fine!

And to start us off right a picture from Tame's stash.


I can't close the old thread but I didn't think the mods would mind if I started the new one.

July 21st, 2004, 10:39 PM
Ahem... First of all... (from the old thread)

here ya go Anakin! hope it helps. :D http://www.2and2.net/Uploads/Images...%20droolers.jpg
ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent! It's soooo good to start a day in your company ladies! Just this pic made my day! Thanks Jules!!!!!!!!!!!

oh good a cart for all of our supplies. :D now if rural will pass one of those clones my way, i can begin the cleansing procedures. anakin? did you forget your monitor cover? is jacksbabe in charge of those or is that rural's supply closet? i forgot. :p
Well the monitor cover was something I didn't think of, Siler... See... Drool comes down, thanks to the law of gravity, also, thanks to the law of gravity, bodies fall down when self slips on drool pool... But that's not a lecture in physics (Sam would probably have her say in that better than me... :p) So my point was... Spit water was not something I had foreseen... The mods on this thread should add something else to the safety equipment... thunk helmet, thunk belt, bathing suit, AND monitor/keyboard cover... Just a suggestion :D

Rural, I still haven't received my clone... I am SOOO blaming it on the girl at the mail services! :mad: She probably kept it for herself! Couldn't we contact Thor so he could directly beam it in my living room?... Does anyone have any way to contact him? Do we know in which galaxy he is?... Anybody?

July 22nd, 2004, 03:40 AM
Hey Rural,

sorry I couldn't make it to the room party on Sunday, I was completely wiped out. Of course if I'd known that you'd leave early Monday morning I'd have come by to say goodbye! See you next year though, right?

Anyway, Shipperahoy already started thunk thread #5, so I'm going to close this one down.

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