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July 21st, 2004, 09:18 AM
Over at the SciFi Channel's "Stargate Atlantis" site, the 'Aliens' section has been updated:


Apparently, this section is a faux journal by the Wraith!

The original Entry:

"Entry the first.

"We slept and while we slept, intruders from distant stars broke through our doors. We have had to rise prematurely, stirring forth from our cells to find this enemy upon us as well as an opportunity from beyond the horizons.

"Here begin the Annals of the Curator of the Feeding Grounds, in the first rotation of the New Awakening of the Wraith. Further entries forthcoming."

The new update:

Entry the second.

Annals of the Curator of the Feeding Grounds, in the first rotation of the New Awakening of the Wraith.

"Signs have come from among the herd, signs we have not known since the Awakening of the Great War. Our scouts, pursuing these signs, ensnared a group of strange humans trespassing upon the grounds of our stewardship. Their prime male was strong, but our lady, the Keeper of the Sleep, nonetheless took from his mind tidings of his home territory a fertile world swarming with prey. This world, Earth, is far from here and the route there is unknown, but a banquet spread cannot be ignored. We do not doubt that we will one day reach this bounty and devour it in an orgy of great strengthening and joy.

"Barring our way, however, stand our Ancient Enemies. We know this because more new humans invaded our hive to free those whom our scouts had corralled. Their leader, a persistent beast, bore with him a piece of Enemy technology. He killed the Keeper of the Sleep, whose dying voice triggered our glorious Awakening. The male human then fled our wrath with his fellow creatures. Those of us who pursued him say he learned quickly, teaching his small herd to ignore our deceptive shadows. Surely a mere game animal, however canny, could not accomplish so much, so fast, without help.

"So he has had help and this means the Enemy Technology is awake. We must therefore assume that the Ancient Enemies themselves, those who built the star portals and the city on the water, are awake as well.

"They are foul perversions. They condemn us merely because humans are the food we must eat. If they could, our Ancient Enemies would forbid us this food until we died of starvation. They deny nature itself in their monstrous arrogance.

"Therefore, we welcome our Ancient Enemies' coming, so that we may finally exterminate them, as is our right. Our people shall not be hungry."




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