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July 19th, 2004, 10:53 PM
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STARGATE ATLANTIS (1.01, 1.02) - "Rising"
(original airdate 07.16.04)


In a scene reminding one of Krypton from the SUPERMAN films, the show starts out with the Ancients as they prepare to leave the legendary city. Fast forward to some time after the premier of Season 8 on STARGATE SG-1, and the base staff is examining the technology on the Antarctic base. Doctor McCay is trying to convince Doctor Carson Beckett, the latter clearly of Scottish descent, to sit in the chair Jack O'Neill sat in to unleash enough firepower to end the threat of Anubis in the seventh-season SG-1 finale. Doctor Beckett has discovered that a certain gene will activate the chair, and regrets that he himself has the gene. McCay is sorry that two tests have shown he doesn't have the gene since they have discovered that only a handful of people that have it.

**snippity doo-dah**

Quotes of the Week:

Doctor McKay (trying to get Beckett to sit in the chair): "What am I supposed to do? He's afraid of the thing!"
Doctor Weir: "This chair controls the most powerful weapons known the humankind. Heh. I'm afraid of the thing!"

Major Sheppard (after the missile has landed at O'Neill's feet): "That was different."
General O'Neill: "For me, not so much."

General O'Neill: "That was a waste of a perfectly good explanation."

General O'Neill: "Why'd you become a pilot?"
Major Sheppard: "I think people who don't want to fly are crazy."
General O'Neill: "I think people who don't want to go through the Stargate are equally as whacked."

Major Sheppard to Teyla: "Well, I guess it's just you and me ... and him (one of her lieutenants)."
Teyla: "Your leader looks through me as if I were not here."
Major Sheppard: "Do I?"

Wraith: "Hunger ... is distasteful."
Sumner: "Something in the food didn't agree with him."
Wraith: "There we are quite dissimilar, Colonel Sumner. We don't require our food to agree with us."

Sumner: "Go to hell."
Wraith: "Earth first."

Next Week:

"Hide and Seek," As the crew continues to explore the city of Atlantis, they accidentally unleash a dark entity that threatens the city.




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