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July 17th, 2004, 12:45 AM
From an e-mail from the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame:

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SFM is located under the Space Needle in the same complex as the magnificent, Frank Gehry-designed building that houses Experience Music Project. The first museum devoted to science fiction, SFM sends you on a thrilling journey of discovery. You'll explore 13,000 square feet of gallery space and over 640 artifacts including the original
Enterprise model created for Star Trek, the full-scale special effects E.T. model, and a life-size alien queen from Aliens (cryogenically frozen for your protection).

SFM's interactive exhibits will transport you to other worlds: look out a panoramic window on animated Cities of Tomorrow from the utopian to the apocalyptic. You can also stand on the Spacedock and watch the most famous ships in the universe swoop past.

As a Charter Member, you'll embark on an out-of-this-world adventure that lasts the entire year, with benefits such as unlimited free admission to SFM, behind-the-scenes access to new exhibits, our quarterly newsletter, advance notice and discounts on upcoming events (including dynamic and unique educational programs), and a free SFM T-shirt.

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The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame.
There's nothing else like it on Earth.


I did a search for "stargate" and this was the only hit:


Education - Curriculum

Science fiction can be used to teach all the social and physical sciences, math, technology, history, futurism, philosophy, sociology, ethics, ecology, reading skills, English, creative writing and others.

Please check back in mid-August when Stargates to Learning Space goes live. In Learning Space you will be able to download multi-disciplinary lesson plans in time to plan your fall curriculum, find out more about our Teacher's Institute in-services and special events, and guide your students through a variety of interactive activities to explore in the museum, at school and beyond.

Resources will include:
Downloadable curricula keyed both to educational standards and relevant topics
Reading for the Future youth book club
Youth and adult film festivals
Writers workshops, both onsite and online
Panels with interactions between leading scientists and science fiction authors
Teachers Institute in-services and workshops
And much more!




Richard Dean Anderson Fans

July 17th, 2004, 10:13 AM
I was there a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it a lot, although IMHO it was a bit overpriced ($18/head). It is a museum, so 75% of it is glass-case display, but there were also some really cool interactive displays. At the space dock they had databases you could access from personal consoles that had 3-D type graphics while you looked out a huge "window" at the spacedock. The databases had detailed info and specs on a variety of spacecraft from TV, movies and books. Very cool, but only about 25 total ships.

Their weapons and gadgets displays had some pretty impressive collections, especially Star Trek props. Remember that little hand-held medical scanner that Dr. McCoy had that looked like a large radio nob? Yup, the original was there! They had almost as many Klingon artifacts as they did human stuff, and it included everything from TOS to TNG movies. They even had some Buck Rogers props, including one of the original Twiki "costumes."

Movies were pretty well represented, as well. Original movie props/costumes included a Darth Vader mask, an E.T. "dummy"/puppet, and Terminator/2 body parts. The most impressive piece was the queen-mother Alien - yeah, a life-size replica with the extra jawbones extending out right at your face and everything. It wasn't dripping slime, like in the movie, but it was beyond creepy.

I should also say that it included a lot of sci-fi props from the 50's and 60's which were pretty interesting. I recognized the titles of the shows and movies, but I had not watched most of them. Literature is actually a strong emphasis, and they did a good job of tying in novels with the media displays.

Yes, Captain Kirk's chair is there, right next to Kirk's and Spock's uniform shirts and a control consol from TOS Enterprise bridge. Ah, yes, and the original Batman and Robin costumes from the series with Adam West.

They had a lot of monitors with recorded information along the way that was well thought-out and put together. I think it took us about an hour-and-a-half to go through. You could tell that the project was put together by science fiction fans for science fiction fans.

I'm sure I am forgeting a bunch of stuff, but I didn't take notes, 'cause I wasn't planning on writing a review :) If you ask me a specific question it might jog my memory, though . . .