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July 13th, 2004, 07:05 AM

SG-1' Explores New Horizons

Author: Alan Stanley Blair
Date: 07-11-2004

Some excerpts:

"Jack O’Neill’s life hangs in the balance. The Asguard face their most deadly foe, and Earth must deal with a trio of Goa’uld in the SGC. "Stargate SG-1" is back, and better than before."

"It's clear that the writers are trying to pull some surprises from the hat this season, and if this is a hint of what’s to come, I personally can’t wait. "New Order" is among the series’ finest episodes, and never fails to entertain. The stakes are high, the team are back, and Teal’c (Christopher Judge) has hair."

Writing: A+
Story: A
Acting: A-
Directing: A

Overall: A

Elwe Singollo
July 13th, 2004, 07:25 AM
I really liked the review :) It gave New Order all A's, hahah... Although i spotted one thing that just made me say, "thats not right". Theres a part where the reviewer is saying "introduced last season...", it was introduced in S6, so it was '2 seasons ago', but if i'm wrong because this is a summer series, than nevermind :)