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July 13th, 2004, 05:22 AM
‘Atlantis’ opens portal to stardom
Raised in Reno, actor Joe Flanigan pins hopes on ‘Stargate’ spinoff
Forrest Hartman

July 12, 2004


Actor Joe Flanigan grew up in Reno, but TV viewers will soon know him as the man who discovered Atlantis.

“I think that you’re always going to get a group of detractors who are going to say, ‘Well, this isn’t anything like “Stargate,” ’ ” he said. “(With) spinoffs — ‘CSI’ and ‘Law and Order’ and everything else — it takes a little while for them to build their own particular loyal following. There will be crossover, but I think there will be an additional set of viewers for our show. I think it will be more accessible. That’s what I’m hoping for.”

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